Mix drinks with vodka


Mix drinks with vodka

Strong traditions of humanity strong and rich history. A variety of alcohol involves the experiments and practical tests. After drinks can be used as a classic form and in cocktails «mix drinks with vodka». The diluted vodka, often demonstrates cocktail menu. It offers you a mixture of seemingly incompatible drinks. But mankind has always beckoned the unknown, and you’re going to experiment and mix drinks with vodka.

Classic drinking vodka Russian man known but drink vodka in the world USA and not only in Russia. And that’s what vodka is diluted, not always known!

Incompatible components

Alcoholic cocktail (mix drinks with vodka) to raise the mood, decorate the holiday, and not to spoil it. Do not dilute vodka, beer and champagne. These beverages are composed of carbon dioxide, which irritate the gastric mucosa, which facilitates rapid absorption of alcohol in the blood. Fast intoxication, headache — the result is not for you. The same effect causes a mix of vodka with sparkling wines and sparkling water. Energy drink with vodka as part of as a dangerous cocktail, the mixture doubles the workload on the heart and nervous system. There is a rapid depletion of the human body. Do not dilute vodka with other types of spirits. You lose the taste of each, you will get a heavy hangover.

Popular juice vodka (mix drinks with vodka)

Now favorable components. Juice is the most common, than diluted vodka at home. The most incongruous taste is orange, grapefruit juice, lemon, cranberry juice. Pomegranate juice perfectly with vodka. Mixing ratio largely standard: a quarter portion of vodka, three quarters of juice. Mashed pulp of black or red currants give the drink a light and create a unique bouquet of taste.

The bartender knows best (mix drinks with vodka)

Art will showcase the best bartender than diluted vodka. The practice of combining vodka with a great variety of liqueurs (on fruit, coffee, milk-based). Curacao, Cointreau, Baileys, Amaretto, Peter Hiiring — the most popular of them. Combined it with vermouth and balms. As a rule, all the representatives of elite alcohol and experiment at home will be financially difficult.

Remember that cocktail (mix drinks with vodka) a pleasant taste, easy to use, but does not reduce the impact of alcohol on the body. And he does it «hidden».