Millet diet — lose weight diet


Millet dietlose weight diet

When people resort to lose weight diet, it is important to understand one thing, that a diet primarily is to saturate the body and not to drain. In this regard, perfectly millet diet. Read more

1500 calorie diet


1500 calorie diet

1500 calorie diet per day — one of the «real». It does not require the brutal starvation, just sensible approach to nutrition and self-control. In fifteen hundred calories fit everything the body needs food, and even goodies left town (certainly useful). Subject to the threshold of 1500 calorie diet per week lost 1-1.5 kg. This diet has no negative effects on the body and lose weight is not refundable. Read more

1200 calorie diet


1200 calorie diet

The best weight loss option — no harm to the body. This means that in the diet should be a balance of all the substances necessary for the person, but the number of power value tends to a minimum. One of the most reasonable options — on a 1200 calorie diet. It is suitable for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and is unable to engage in sports. Read more