Puree soup recipe

Puree soup recipe — Best Recipes.

How to cook delicious soups and purees. Puree soup recipe — general principles and methods of preparation

Soups like almost everything — for a velvety texture and delicate taste, ease of cooking and surprise. It can easily be renamed «soup — guess» After all, with such relish eating soup without knowing the ingredients, sometimes it is very difficult to determine from which he brewed. And now, the staunchest opponents of zucchini and onions, eating a second bowl of soup of vegetables unloved, not even aware of a trick. For soups, purees used vegetable, fish or meat broth. If the dish is cooked with meat, most often with chicken. Soups made from one or more kinds of vegetables, legumes are sometimes added — peas, beans or grains — rice or barley.

Puree soup recipe — preparation products

Before you boil vegetables, clean them and cut coarsely. A characteristic feature of soups, purees is boiled grinding products to the state of a homogeneous mass. Next puree diluted broth until the desired consistency, brought to a boil and poured into plates. «Desired consistency » means that the soup should be diluted to the point density, which is more to your liking. Product triturated through a sieve, or more likely, a blender was ground, using a food processor or mixer with nozzles.

Puree soup recipe — Best Recipes

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