Potato soup of pork with tomato food recipes

Potato soup of pork with tomato food recipes

Georgian cuisine is rich in original soups. This recipe is made based on Sousa — soup of pork with pepper, dill and adzhikoy. Large amounts of meat cut huge chunks — what you need real men. Eating a plate of this soup for lunch, they will not soon be hungry, but he and women to taste.

Ingredients for Potato soup of pork with tomato recipes food:

  • Pork meat,
  • Flesh (0.8 kg),
  • Potatoes (several pieces),
  • Onion,
  • Tomatoes (2 pcs.),
  • Red pepper (1 small or half a large),
  • Garlic, dill,
  • Thyme (Georgian name savory)
  • Meat,
  • Hot pepper (summarized small pod),
  • And salt.

Method of preparation of pork Potato soup with tomato food recipes

Choose a pot larger than 3 liters. Pork chop into large chunks, washed well with running water. Fill with water and cook the meat, removing at boiling foam. Large onion and potato Grate and put the resulting slurry into the broth. Salt and pepper. Two tomatoes cut into pieces — there, in the pan. Peel potatoes, cut it into large cubes. Cut sweet pepper and dill. After half an hour of cooking meat adds potatoes, cook 20 minutes. Adjika (small spoon) and a chopped pepper laying 10 minutes before end of cooking. Soup cooked considered when potatoes fall apart. Fall asleep dill, finely chopped garlic and a few pinches of savory. Leave the soup for half an hour infusion.

Pork soup recipes food — useful tips experienced cooks

Soup is the most popular dish on the ground. Their popularity is due primarily meat extractives, able to intensify the activity of digestive glands. This contributes to whet the appetite. And just delicious soups, quench hunger. Different cuisines of the world offer their own versions. There are recipes that can just shock the Europeans, such as bird’s nest soup or animal stomach. However, do not excite the nerves and digestion, better assimilated to prepare dishes from traditional products for the area. Give them a taste can be varied spices. Pork soup is most often used : bay leaves, burnet , dill , parsley, chervil , tarragon , celery , paprika , thyme , cloves , coriander, red and black pepper , nutmeg , lovage , and sage.

Potato soup of pork with tomato food recipes