Hodgepodge soup recipe

Hodgepodge soup recipe — Best Recipes.

How to cook and eat soup hodgepodge. Hodgepodge soup recipe — general principles and methods of preparation

May surprise you, but before thistle, now popular restaurant dish was typical rustic dish. Talking about it, even its name, which at first sounded like a «villager»? It simply prepared by mixing cooking in the pot remains of various products. This principle cooking kasha, changing over time in detail, remains the same: it is prepared for use at least four varieties of boiled or roasted meat or products in the form of sausages, sausages, etc. Also prepare a hodgepodge of marinated mushrooms, pickled or salted cucumbers, onions, and carrots, tomato paste, olives. Before serving the dish to decorate a slice of lemon. Hodgepodge soup recipe

However, for the preparation of halophytes used not only meat. There is also a hodgepodge fish, cabbage thistle, thistle with mushrooms, vegetable thistle, thistle Georgian, and hodgepodge home.

Hodgepodge soup recipe — preparation products

Preparing food for halophytes depends on the recipe. For example, if meat thistle, the meat should be well washed, cleaned of film and cut into slices. Sausage, sausages and other meat products need finely diced. Hodgepodge soup recipe

When cooking fresh mushrooms mushroom kasha should be washed and cut into thin slices and dried mushrooms — wash in several waters, and soak overnight. Then boil and also cut into thin slices.

Vegetables, which are used for cooking kasha, you have to clean and chop potatoes cut into large cubes, onion — finely chop carrots using a coarse grater.

Hodgepodge soup recipe — Best Recipes