Food cooking recipes transparent dietary broths

Food cooking recipes transparent dietary broths.  

Soup recipe food — beautiful French word for broth of meat, poultry, fish or vegetables. Braes recipe food is usually one of the important components of the diet or dietary or convalescent patients as easily absorbed by the body and thus contain proteins ( in meat broth ) , vitamins and minerals . Not to mention that cooking broth is so easy that even this process does not require any skills or recipes.

Broth recipe meal can be used as a separate dish, but to improve the nutritional value is added thereto toast, washed down with them cakes or pies. And adding to the broth or vegetables get full slices of meat soups.

There are recipes that allow you to achieve almost complete transparency in the cooking broth. One of the simplest options — keep the temperature is on the verge of boiling, but do not let the broth boil. Carefully remove the spoon forms on the surface of the foam.

But there are also more efficient lightening recipes broths. To use this so-called quick draw which is prepared by mixing egg whites with finely crumbled in cold water or ice. Recipe such procrastination is very simple: just a little crushed ice into crumbs and adds it to the lightly beaten egg whites (one ice cube and two eggs per liter of broth).

The resulting mixture can hold in the refrigerator and then add remove from heat and slightly cooled (about 70 degrees), stirring his soup spoon. If adding quick draw directly into the boiling broth, it can curl up on a very high temperature. Adding quick draw into a chilled broth it should again put on fire, bring to a boil and simmer for about thirty minutes. And then strain.

Transparent broth recipe meal — ready to eat.