Chicken soup puree recipe

Chicken soup puree recipe

Easy, nutritious and useful at the same time the entree, because chicken has always been considered dietary meat, easily digestible stomach. Saturated vegetable soup and essential trace elements together with chicken gives it a terrific taste and aroma.

Ingredients for Chicken soup puree recipe:

  • Chicken (fillet) — 300g,
  • 2 small carrots,
  • 3 potatoes,
  • Fleshy petiole (stalk) celery,
  • Dried dill,
  • Allspice — 4 pcs. ,
  • 3 garlic cloves, and optionally,
  • A handful of walnuts.

Method of cooking chicken soup puree recipe

Vegetables and meat coarsely chopped and put into a saucepan. Salt, add peas pepper, garlic and pour the water level with vegetables and meat. Cook until tender — about 20-30 minutes. Drain and strain the broth. Vegetables and meat grind to a blender, diluted broth until the desired consistency, add the dill and bring to a boil. Serve sprinkled with chopped nuts. Chicken soup puree recipe