Borscht with chicken recipe

Borscht with chicken recipe — the best recipes. How to eat and cook Borscht with chicken.

Borscht recipe — it’s the most popular dish on the expanses of Ukraine. Each of us uses for his cooking your favorite spices. No matter how much the prepared pan of soup in each individual it will have a slightly different taste, flavor, and texture itself. Nevertheless, for my life, I have not had to try borscht, which could be called tasteless.

Chicken Borscht recipe. Cook borscht based broths; it uses any kind of meat. Are no less tasty and green borscht, which is usually prepared in the spring, when the garden begins to appear first harvests of fragrant greenery? Spoon sour cream into a bowl — and a delicious dinner is ready.

Chicken Borscht recipe. Talk a bit about borscht recipes prepared on the basis of chicken broth. To make it, use chicken legs or chicken entirely. Recently popular are special soup sets, which include chicken spine, neck and wings. And certainly in the pan must be lowered chicken bones.

So, we start for cooking borscht based on chicken broth. Chicken Borscht recipe.