Tartar sauce recipe

Tartar sauce recipe — best recipes.

How to cook and eat the tartar sauce. Tartar sauce recipe — general principles and methods of preparation

Tartar sauce called classic cold sauce of French cuisine, the main components of which are hard-boiled egg yolk, vegetable oil and green onions. As a rule, it is fed to the fish (fried, boiled or baked), seafood and some meat or vegetable dishes.

The process of preparing the classic tartar sauce similar to mayonnaise. That is, the egg yolks mixed with vinegar (you can take lemon juice), salt and pepper; then, the resulting mixture was continuously stirring, add oil into it, its whipping an emulsion. In the resulting mass are added auxiliary ingredients (green onions, pickles, parsley, garlic, etc., according to your taste).

Of course, today the tartar sauce you can buy in the store ready, but not difficult, and most importantly, a lot more fun to cook it yourself. Especially because the tartar sauce that is prepared at home, has a rich and spicy flavor than the factory. Cooking the sauce does not involve the use of complex ingredients. Therefore, the sauce is an excellent option treats the guests who came unexpectedly, because any dish, supplemented them become more refined and original taste.

Tartar sauce recipe — preparation products

For the preparation of homemade tartar sauce used boiled egg yolks, vinegar, spices and various ingredients to taste. In some recipes using raw egg yolks, so eggs should be taken only by those in the freshness which you no doubt.

Pickles or pickled mushrooms, which are often used in the preparation of tartar sauce, should be very finely chopped. But we must remember that they must be cut, grind and not in another way, since otherwise the sauce will not be felt pieces of vegetables, which is an important feature of tartar. Tartar sauce recipe.

Tartar sauce recipe — Best Recipes

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