Sauce with mushrooms

Sauce with mushrooms — the best recipes.

How to cook and eat the mushroom sauce.  Mushroom sauce — the general principles and methods of preparation

Mushrooms nutritious, rich in minerals, vitamins, and tasty in the end! And what is their flavor, especially dried. Therefore, they are often used in cooking — make soups, fried, added to sauces. Mushroom sauces are very popular. Their popularity is due to specific, for nothing like the aroma, spicy taste, affordability and ease of preparation. He is able to revitalize and elevate the most ordinary and mediocre dish. Pasta, potatoes, rice, porridge with mushroom sauce transformed into a holiday dish — bright, memorable and delicious, very tasty. Mushroom sauce made with cream, cheese, sour cream and tomatoes. Thickener often acts flour. They are served with fish, meat, vegetables, potato cakes, casseroles.

Mushroom sauce — preparation products

For consistency thickens, add the flour to the sauce. That it is well dissolved in the liquid, it is necessary to pre- anneal, fry in a dry pan. Additionally fried flour sauce brings a pleasant nutty flavor.

Sauce with mushrooms — the best recipes