Tomato avocado salad recipe


Tomato avocado salad recipe

Tomato avocado salad recipe, cooked without onions, garlic, seasoned with unrefined olive oil extra virgin — a special guest at our family table. Prepared tomato avocado salad is very simple. Avocados, tomatoes are sliced, dressed with olive oil, salt, served on the table.

To spice you can spice up a salad basil leaves. Lettuce turns soft, enveloping texture. Suitable for gentle dietary table, healthy food. It goes well with meat, fish dishes, poultry dishes. Viscosity gives the avocado salad. You should choose ripe fruit with light, soft, oily texture of the sweet taste. Define a ripe avocado, can be lightly pressed with your fingers to peel. If formed by pressing elastic straightened dent, fruit mature enough, suitable for human consumption. Soft overripe, hard immature, blackened fruit salads do not fit.

Tomato acid prevents the avocado from browning flesh. No additional measures for its preservation: the usual addition of lemon juice. Adding lemon juice will make the dish too acidic and kill the delicate sweet taste. As options salad with tomato and avocado can spice minced garlic or onions, but the beauty of food is that it turns out delicious salad without onions and garlic, and does not limit the freedom of action. Variants with the addition of various combinations of peppers, cucumbers, celery, green cilantro (coriander), lettuce change the taste and soft texture delicate dishes, but also produced a very tasty and healthy.

Tomato avocado salad recipe ingredients:

  • Avocado — 1 pc
  • Tomatoes — 3 pieces
  • Unrefined olive oil — 2 tbsp
  • Salt — to taste

Tomato avocado salad recipe:

Ripe avocado carefully my, peeled, remove the pit. Cut into cubes or slices.

Tomatoes washed, were dried, cut into circles, semi-circles, or cubes.

Avocados, tomatoes, mix in a bowl, salt, dressed with unrefined olive oil extra virgin, stir.

The variations may be added in various combinations of chopped garlic, thinly sliced ​​onions, cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, green cilantro (coriander), lettuce.

Serve the finished salad with tomato and avocado with meat, fish dishes, poultry.

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