Recipe Salad of fresh mushrooms

Recipe Salad of fresh mushrooms

Description Recipe Salad of fresh mushrooms: This salad has a very unusual taste, just grand! When guests know that in a salad of fresh mushrooms — they is a shock! This salad, after the departure of the guests never left. This means that the salad was a success! Try it!

  • Preparation time: 30 minutes
  • Purpose:
  • For lunch: An appetizer
  • On a festive table: 23 February / March 8 / Valentine’s Day / Birthday / New Year / Easter / Christmas
  • For dinner: an appetizer

Ingredients for «Fresh mushrooms»:

  • Mushrooms (mushrooms) — 300 g
  • Sweet pepper — 200 g
  • Onions — 200 g

 Recipe: Salad of fresh mushrooms:

1. Take mushrooms, my, cut the legs and, if mushrooms are large, cut them

2. Wash and cleanse sweet pepper, cut into half rings or quarters. Pepper must take different colors, and then the salad was very bright.

3. Peel onions and cut into half rings

4. Interfere with all

5. And now the most important thing — the spices! Garlic powder , onion powder , salt to taste , pepper, red hot pepper , crushed dried dill , a mixture of Italian herbs , oregano, and always — the mushroom soy sauce ( but you can use regular)

6. Now mix the vinegar and oil in a ratio of 1 to 2, and pour this mixture of mushrooms, peppers and onions. All mix and give marinated for an hour, stirring occasionally.

All Recipe Fresh mushrooms ready!