Fried potatoes recipe

Fried potatoes recipe

Simple and the entire favorite dish — fried potatoes recipe that you can prepare and post. Fried potatoes recipe goes well with vegetable salad

Frying is better to take less starch potato varieties. Potatoes need to clean and cut into cubes of a thickness not more than 1 cm now, to get rid of excess starch, it is necessary to wash and dry well with a towel. Need to moisture left on it as little as possible, and then it will be better grilling and fewer splashes.

Fried potatoes recipe:

Potatoes send in a hot frying pan with enough oil. The oil must be refined, otherwise the smell will not potatoes, and that from which oil is made . And yet, do not put too many potatoes, or it will not be fried and steamed, and, moreover, as it will be difficult to stir.

Fried potatoes recipe. It is important not to be distracted from cooking a long time, and stir constantly potatoes to fry it evenly on all sides. Fire must be large enough, or do not get the desired crust. Salt potatoes better in the middle of cooking, so that it could absorb the salt, and could try.

Fried potatoes recipe. When the color is evenly golden on all sides, inside and potatoes will not be hard; the fire can be turned off. Some pan covered with a lid, but then it will not turn crispy crust due to the steam.

Secrets of cooking fried potatoes recipe