French fries — the best recipes of the food

French fries — the best recipes of the food.

How to cook and eat French fries. Fries recipe food — general principles and methods of preparation. Called potato dish of potato slices, which are browned in a large amount of hot vegetable oil (fried). To make it, use a deep fryer, but in the home fries can be cooked in a deep frying pan or even in a pot.

He is one of the most popular dishes served at fast food establishments. This method of roasting potatoes was invented in Belgium. Dish named in honor of the Belgian merchant by the name Free (Frite), who first organized outrigger trade fries.

At home, cook fries recipe is not difficult. Peel the potatoes, cut into cube its medium size, wash (or better soak, especially starchy varieties) in cold water and dried with a paper towel.

Then pour the oil in a deep frying pan or deep fryer in an amount such that the potatoes during cooking freely floated in it, and portions of fried potato slices in it. Catching ready potatoes with a slotted spoon spread it on a plate. It should first lay out napkins, which will be collected from potato residues of grease. Salted fries directly into the plate before serving.

Fries recipe food — preparation products

For tasty and crispy fries important to choose potatoes. It should be large enough mature potatoes. Of young potato dish will not work, since it has neither the necessary taste nor density. Also, do not take for cooking fries varieties that contain a lot of starch, as it will soften quickly after roasting.

Prepare potatoes for roasting begins with selecting the desired shape of potato tubers without defects and damage. Then we blocked my carefully , peeled and cut into long sticks, having the cross section 1×1 cm Flushing received potato wedges under running water, dry them thoroughly with a paper towel or their napkins. Our potatoes ready for roasting!

French fries — the best food recipes