Cooking Tips potato recipe.

Cooking Tips potato recipe.

How to cook a delicious dish of potatoes?  Potatoes should be cleaned right before cooking

Almost always clean potatoes before cooking, although it is partially lost vitamins. Therefore it is better to cook it more often in the skin. Vitamins are also lost during heat treatment, so no need to tenderize the potatoes and keep warm for a long time.

Cooking Tips potato recipe. To cook boiled potatoes, the tubers should be cleaned right before cooking. For cooking, use a minimum of water, otherwise the potatoes lose a lot of vitamins and minerals. For the same reason you should not wash long peeled potatoes, only lightly rinse. During cooking, care should be taken to cover the pan firmly closed, thus reducing cooking time. When the potatoes are ready (in the skin or without it), is necessary to allow excess moisture to evaporate before applying it on the table or further processing. Therefore, after you drain the water, briefly leave open the pot until the excess moisture evaporates.

Cooking Tips potato recipe. To cook the potatoes in their skins, should be lightly scratched tubers knife under running water, then cook in boiling salted water for 20-30 minutes (depending on size) . If you’re fed potatoes whole, choose the hard type. If, boiled potatoes in their skins are planning to make mashed potatoes, better take mealy variety.

For oven best suited mealy variety. Baking potatoes need to take the same size, so they are evenly parched. Potatoes to baking are not cracked, its pre- sodium bacon, while he gets better taste.

Cooking Tips potato recipe. To cook the chips, it must be washed, peeled and cut into very thin slices to reduce the roasting process. Potatoes need to add salt after the first half of the roasting. In the first stage frying potatoes can be cooked under the lid. But after you have it you will turn, no longer covers, otherwise crisp not work. Inverting potatoes only when the lower part of browned and do not put too much into the pan of potatoes. It is best to fry in batches.

Cooking Tips potato recipe. It often happens that the potato cake is not baked through to the end. This can be avoided by pre- fry potatoes, thus reducing cooking time. Potato casserole prepared for the evening.