Pizza with mushrooms recipe food

Pizza with mushrooms recipe food — the best recipes.

How to cook and eat a mushroom pizza. Pizza with mushrooms — general principles and methods of preparation.

Once the pizza was Italian food of the poor, and today it is — a favorite dish of millions of people worldwide. Someone who likes to eat pizza at the pizzeria, someone orders it home to enjoy the excellent taste dishes in a circle of friends. But much more interesting to cook pizza at home alone! Make it is not difficult, and the products it requires quite affordable.

There are hundreds of recipes for cooking pizza. By classical prescription it represents cake prepared from flour, yeast, salt, olive oil and water, which is lined on the filling. In Italy, pizza baked in a special oven and ready to eat only hands, cut into pieces of a special knife.

It is hard to call the product from which it would be impossible to make pizza toppings. Unchanged and its essential ingredients are cheese and tomatoes, but otherwise you can experiment as your heart’s content. And yet, today is considered the most popular pizza with mushrooms. If you are a novice cook yet and want to cook this wonderful dish, you can use our recipes.

Pizza with mushrooms recipe food — preparation products

Typically, a pizza was prepared from flour, water, salt, yeast, olive oil and the products selected for the filling (in our case — for fungi). Flour before using it for the dough sifts to remove it from impurities and saturate it with oxygen. My mushrooms and pat dry with a paper towel, cut into very thin slices not. My greens and also dry out, finely cut. If our recipe contains any vegetables, they we too and cut according to my prescription. Grate cheese or vegetable cutter, which is equipped with a special disc.

Pizza with mushrooms recipe food — preparation utensils

The basis of preparation of any pizza is working with dough for the preparation of which we will need a container in which we will mix the flour water and yeast. Generally, in the home is used for these purposes bowl or pan of suitable size. These professionals form cake pizza using only the hands, stretching the dough in different directions. But maybe you want to use for this purpose a rolling pin — then stock up and her.

Home pizza is baked in the oven or stove. That is, before it is necessary to prepare the cooking or baking molds for baking a pizza having the desired shape, size and height. In addition, the true connoisseurs of pizza should have left the knives of various shapes, designed for cutting certain foods, including a special knife for cutting the finished pizza, equipped with a special wheel that allows you to cut it straight, as well as a spatula to remove the finished pizza pan.

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