Pizza with chicken recipe

Pizza with chicken recipe — the best recipes.

How to eat and cook a pizza with chicken. Today we can confidently say, pizza — multinational dish. She had long left the borders of their homeland and became a favorite dish among citizens of many nations. Moreover, this dish is not only had to like a lot, but around the world each day offers an infinite number of pizzerias and cafeterias.

Pizza — universally dish suitable for a friendly party and picnic outdoors. Especially housewives cook it on the weekends, when all family members at home and want to treat yourself to various goodies. Variety of recipes and ingredients and allow to use a pizza with fruit juice and wine. Not surprisingly, if a romantic dinner is complete without a delicious pizza. This dish can be served as a separate dish for lunch, lunch, and in addition to salads and hot dishes.

Pizza with chicken — preparation products

If we consider the products that make up the pizza, then each country has a different set of ingredients. Some like to go for the gusto and may add to a dish pepper. For example, in Japan, the pizza is cooked with seafood and in Brazil in the recipe certainly added peas. However, it is still possible to identify a number of basic ingredients that form the basis of this «Italian cakes.» Regardless of the country of the manufacturer and the consumer preferences of a single, dough, cheese and tomatoes — the pizza base. In our country, it is chicken meat is one of the main ingredients, thereby displacing sausages.

Recipes cooking pizza with chicken