Pasta with shrimp recipes of the food

Pasta with shrimp — the best recipes of the food.

How to eat and cook pasta with shrimp. Pasta with shrimp — general principles and methods of preparation

For most people, the word pasta is associated with Italy and its famous spaghetti. This is not some pasta, bought in bulk, and not even the usual long straw! «Correct «pasta simply must consist of durum wheat. These pastas are always sold in multiples, they do not need washing and did not boil soft.

Spaghetti, of course, satisfying and tasty delicacy but serve the dish in the «bare» as somewhat boring and unacceptable. That is why there are thousands of recipes for sauces, Italian pasta dish that spark in a new «light». Depending on the filling taste of pasta can be changed beyond recognition. Spaghetti — universal, they are combined with virtually all ingredients. They found their combination with shrimp.

To cook pasta with shrimp, pasta and shrimp boil separately, and then — combined. Marine life often fried and mixed with the cream sauce. Whichever method of heat treatment you choose, remembers one thing — shrimp «do not like» long exposure to high temperatures. The more they are boiled, the tighter and more appetizing is their meat. As the practice shows, the ideal heat treatment time varies from 3 to 7 minutes depending on the size of fish.

Pasta with shrimp — preparation products

If spaghetti is simple — to verify the authenticity (it should look at the composition of the package), bought and boil according to the instructions, the shrimp have a little tricky, provided that they were not originally purchased in a purified state (such shrimp are ready -to-eat). So, if the shrimp is still not processed, so it is necessary to clear them, gut, remove the head, shell and inner lining of the film, and then rinsed in running water.

Now our shellfish ready for the next step — heat treatment. Incidentally, in some cases, the internal film manages to stay only after boiling. If you must fry the shrimp, and the notorious film does not want to get out, their first pour over boiling water. After this manipulation shrimp themselves literally «get out of the skin»

Pasta with shrimp — the best food recipes

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