Pasta with pumpkin sauce


Pasta with pumpkin sauce

Pasta with pumpkin sauce — autumn diet dish easy to prepare, tasty and healthy. Ready-made sauces for pasta with pumpkin and onions. These are the main ingredients. Variations of the dish prepared by adding in the garlic sauce, various spices. Pumpkin harmoniously complement the sweetness of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger.

Slicing the pumpkin flesh into strips or cubes, giving the dish a new texture and taste. Pasta with pumpkin cream sauce in dietary execution turn in the preparation of gravy with milk as a creamy sauce of zucchini. Variations serves simple, tasty, bright, joyful. They help dispel the autumn blues, cheer up, enriched with vitamins and minerals to fight, strengthening the immune system.

To choose the best cooking melon with orange flesh. They are tastier and palely greenish their relatives. Pasta choose durum wheat, have a low glycemic index. Forms may be different, but it is more convenient to have short versions: Feathers (penne), spiral (fusilli, rotini), shells, butterflies (farfalle), horns, ditalini, rigatoni. To prepare the sauce using refined olive oil produced during the heat treatment less complicated compounds than saturated types of oils. Finished dish seasoned with parmesan cheese or low-fat hard cheese.

Pasta with pumpkin sauce turns a low-calorie, easily digestible, soft consistency. Suitable for dietetic and children and healthy eating. The pasta with pumpkin, cooked without garlic, spices, grated strips of pumpkin pulp and short spiral pasta. This option is more delicate dishes and meets dietary food. Pasta with pumpkin served hot, seasoned with grated cheese and unrefined olive oil extra virgin.

Pasta with pumpkin sauce ingredients:

  • Pasta (durum pasta) — 500 g
  • Pumpkin pulp — 500 g
  • Onions — 1 pc
  • Refined olive oil — 2 tbsp
  • Salt — to taste
  • Low-fat cheese — 100 g
  • Unrefined olive oil extra virgin — to taste
  • Garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, milk — on request

Pasta with pumpkin sauce recipe:

Rinse thoroughly with water melon, peeled and seeds.

Pumpkin pulp is rubbed on a coarse grater or cut into cubes.

Finely diced or cut into thin rings of onion.

In a heated pan pour refined olive oil.

We spread in pan sliced ​​onions until soft and cut over medium heat. If you wish, you can saute minced garlic.

The browned onions lay shredded strips or diced pumpkin flesh. Simmer vegetables, stirring occasionally, until soft. Season with salt.

If you wish to prepare a creamy sauce, add the stewed vegetables in milk, bring to a boil and continue cooking over low heat, stirring occasionally, until the excess liquid has evaporated.

Boil in salted water for the pasta of durum wheat to the state of «al dente».

The finished pasta add the unrefined olive oil extra virgin, pumpkin sauce. Mix.

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Pasta with pumpkin sauce ready. Serves a hot, flavored with grated hard cheese low fat.