Turkey with apples recipes food

Turkey with apples recipes food

Turkey with apples recipes food — recipes is the best. How to cook and eat duck with apples. Turkey recipes with apples food — general principles and methods of preparation

If chicken is present in everyday life on our tables often enough goose and duck cook more during the holidays. Or on occasion, when the house invites guests to a large carcass from all got a piece, but not one. Let weighting — the bird is not as proud as a goose, but no less tasty, if properly prepared, for example, put out or fry with apples. Duck with apples — the ancient Slavic dish that is cooked in the oven, mainly at Christmas. Now there is no oven, but copes with modern oven roasting duck worse. Duck with apples prepared using the cauldron or sleeve, sometimes baked with baked — potatoes, rice, and buckwheat.

Turkey recipes with apples food — preparation products

In pure form, duck meat has a specific taste and slightly greasy. These disadvantages can be compensated marinate carcass, and then put out or bake with sour apples. Marinate it in wine, vinegar, lemon or orange juice, rubbing garlic, pepper, oregano and other seasonings to your taste.

Apples for stuffing cleaned from the skin are not necessary, only the core is removed. Incision, after the carcass was put into slices of apples, better fix. Not recommended for this purpose toothpick seam can disperse better to take the usual white thread and a needle, so it will be safer.

Before baking, cut the carcass of an edge portion of the wing, so it does not overheat, and cut glands located in duck ponytail (tail), because they attach to a specific dish unpleasant aftertaste.

Turkey recipes with apples food — the best recipes