Stewed potatoes with meat recipe food

Stewed potatoes with meat recipe food

Classic version! Take any meat is at your discretion. But keep in mind that each type of meat gives the dish its unique flavor and cooking time, respectively, will also be different, as the beef, for example, preparing pork longer. Taste of the dish can be improved slightly by adding the fennel seeds, paprika or cumin.

Ingredients for potatoes and meat stew recipe eating:

  • fillet 400 gr. ,
  • kilogram of potatoes ,
  • large onion,
  • carrot,
  • tomato paste,
  • half a cup of water or broth,
  • salt , herbs, spices and pepper to taste .

Way of cooking potatoes and meat stew recipe food:

1. Cut the meat into cubes of about two centimeters, cut onions, carrots grate.

2. Rascal butter in a pan and let down the pieces of meat, fry until a lacquered brown, then add chopped onion and fry it until translucent. After overfill the meat with onions carrots and sauté until soft.

3. Dilute the tomato paste with 100 ml of water (broth), add the sauce to the frying, sunflower, season with spices and simmer for 20 minutes pork, 40 minutes — beef or mutton.

4. Peeled potatoes cut into large cubes, mix with the meat, pour a lot of remaining broth (water) and simmer until potatoes are ready to simmer. Before serving, sprinkle the dish do not forget fresh herbs.