Recipe food meat with vegetables in the oven

Recipe food meat with vegetables in the ovenRecipe food meat with vegetables in the oven

The advantage of baking products that vegetables and meat at the same time retain more nutrients. Meat according to the recipe should not be tough. You can take a young pork or chicken. Spread on a baking dish will layers. Stir the ingredients cannot be!

Ingredients meat with vegetables in the oven recipe food:

  • — Pork fillet 1 kg
  • — 3 large potatoes
  • — Carrots 1 piece
  • — 3 onions
  • — Medium eggplant
  • — Medium zucchini
  • — Fresh or frozen green beans 400g.
  • — 4 cauliflower florets
  • — 2 tomatoes
  • — Hard cheese 100-150 g.
  • — Vegetable oil, spices and herbs

Method of cooking meat with vegetables in the oven recipe food:

  1. Cut the pork into small slices, onions and tomatoes — half rings, potatoes — large cubes, carrots — rings, eggplant and zucchini — diced.
  2. Grease a deep baking butter (do not forget the inner walls). Lay out evenly cooked ingredients layers: 1 — meat, 2 — onions, 3 — potatoes, 4 — carrots, 5 — eggplant, 6 — zucchini, 7 — beans, 8 — cauliflower and final stage — tomatoes.
  3. Every 2-3 layers add some salt ingredients, if desired can be lubricated with mayonnaise (though without a dish and get very juicy). Send a baking sheet with meat and vegetables in the oven (preheated) for 40-60 minutes. In just a few minutes before the top with sliced or grated cheese and expose the oven to melt it. The dish is ready!

Meat with vegetables in the oven recipe food — useful tips

  1. The young animal meat juicier and tastier. Unlike the older it can be on a characteristic pale pink color and small white streaks.
  2. Meat old animal will be much juicier if his pre- soak in the marinade 20-24 hours. Preparation of marinade: per liter of dry white wine — ½ tsp. vinegar , carrots and onion half-rings 100 g. , A couple cloves of garlic , a bunch of spicy greens .
  3.  During cooking, the meat can be lubricated with mustard, so it will be much juicier.
  4.  If during the cooking of meat with vegetables ingredients necessary to boil separately, never leave the vegetables in water, so they quickly lose their shape and fall apart.
  5.  Enrich food during quenching vegetable broth instead of water.
  6. Meat — a universal product. It contains essential amino acids and is considered one of the most energy-intensive components of the human diet. And in combination with vegetables becomes doubly healthier and tastier!