Potatoes and meat food recipe

Potatoes and meat food recipe — Best Recipes.

How to cook and eat potatoes with meat. Potatoes and meat food recipe — general principles of cooking. Meat, from the viewpoint of cooking is considered a universal product. It not only can be prepared in various ways: fry, braise, boil, bake, but boldly and combine with other ingredients, showing creativity in the preparation of foods.

Despite the fact that a separate power supply does not provide such a combination as meat and potatoes, these two products came to the forefront of table. In many countries, the potato is one of the most revered and popular side dishes and meat — the perfect complement to it.

Options of cooking potatoes with a huge amount of meat. Potatoes can be combined with any kind of meat: beef, pork, lamb, poultry, rabbit and the like — the list is endless. For some dishes better use of flesh, for others — meat with bone, and the third — the stuffing. Perhaps the most famous dish — fried potatoes with meat. It’s no secret that the meat is cooked longer, so make sure you fry it, and then add the potatoes.

Potatoes and meat recipe food — preparation products

Prepare potatoes, usually does not take much time and hassle. Peeled it quite easily. The only condition, which should adhere to, the potatoes need to be cleaned just before cooking, if possible without holding long in cold water (as starch and lost valuable substances). Not worth it also left without water after cleaning as vegetable quickly darkens and becomes a completely unpreventable form.

As for meat, there is also no big deal. Rinse it in large pieces under running water; soak the meat is not desirable because such a procedure adversely affect his future taste. Salt long before cooking many kinds of meat is not recommended — the salt draws out all the juice from the pulp. Frozen fillets gently thaw at room temperature, rinsed it with cool water first. All manipulations are advantageously carried out with large pieces of meat, and cook until just before it can be cut into portions, cutting across the grain.

Potatoes and meat food recipe — preparing dishes

Potatoes with meat recipe you can prepare a meal in the pot, cauldron, on a baking sheet or in a cast iron skillet. Great demand for aluminum molds, but they are more suitable for cooking soups and stews mild potato-based products and meat. In addition, food in a pot cannot be stored.

Ideal for quenching, frying, boiling and roasting potatoes with meat recipe eating utensils will be of cast iron, heat-resistant glass or Teflon coated. Cast iron coated form a protective oxide film or black enamel, which is very firmly held on the alloy. Besides iron — a very durable material is long, and its chemical composition allows the food evenly heated, Brea is not sinking. In the culinary arts are widely used and utensils of heat-resistant glass, the more food it retains heat for a long time. Bake potatoes and stew meat in glass forms recommended in the microwave or oven.

Potatoes and meat food recipe — Best Recipes