Pork steak recipe

Pork steak recipe 

Pork steak recipe — general principles and methods of preparation. Steak recipe — iconic American dish in this country loves and knows how to cook steaks. But the dish did not come up on the continent, the word «steak» is derived from the Old Norse «fry».

Traditional steak recipe is a thick piece of meat cut from an animal carcass across the grain. Usually used for cooking beef, veal less. Steak recipe is often made of pork as the meat easier to acquire in the trade network, in addition, it is easier prepared, which significantly reduces the risk of spoiling the dish.

Pork steak recipe — preparation products

To steak recipe turned out tasty and juicy, should conduct a thorough preparation products.

Marinate meat in spices (garlic, onion, spices), salt and olive oil, put in a container and refrigerate for several hours (you can leave the pork overnight).

Before you put the meat on the grill over the fire or in a pan, be sure to give it a soak at least 30 minutes at room temperature to pork thoroughly warmed and then evenly roasted.

Pork steak recipe — preparation utensils

Capacity for marinating steak should not be aluminum; otherwise the meat will get a special flavor. For cooking meat, you can use a frying pan or grill. If pork is cooked on the stove, the pan should be watered with olive or sesame oil (vegetable is not recommended). Meat prescription should be laid carefully in a preheated dish, otherwise the technology of preparation will be broken and the meat tough.