Meat with vegetables food recipes

Meat with vegetables food recipes — the best recipes.

How to cook and eat meat with vegetables. Meat with vegetables food recipes — general principles Meat is the oldest food product, used by man. On its high nutritional value learned a long time ago. Rich dish, ready to fire or coals, helping people to restore power and improve efficiency. As civilization developed, and culinary arts. Meat began to expose various treatments to make it even tastier. Unfortunately, some modern methods of processing a negative impact on human health.

Additionally, meat, being heavy food, creates a certain strain on the stomach, and the whole alimentary tract, however, studies have shown that muscle fibers in combination with the fiber, and thus with most vegetable bring enormous benefits for the organism. Combination in a dish of meat and vegetables recognized as the most perfect of culinary and optimally useful from the point of view of most nutritionists.

Vegetables, particularly green and red, and containing no starch, promote digestion of proteins neutralize harmful substances which are formed during the decomposition of meat to prevent stagnation and ferment in the gastrointestinal tract. Biologically active substances contained in many vegetables, help to withdraw toxins and excess cholesterol from the body.

Any kind of meat fits perfectly into the dishes with green beans, tomatoes, carrots, artichokes, eggplants, peppers, potatoes, onions, garlic, etc. Almost no restrictions fantasy!

Meat with vegetables recipes food — preparation products

Purchasing meat in the store, give preference juicy parts of the carcass. For example, loin, pork neck, cropping or large hams. The meat should not be too greasy or, conversely, too lean. It should be evenly colored, not too dark, have elastic springy structure. Before cooking, remove the meat from the freezer, large chunks rinse under running water and let thaw at room temperature. Then start cutting into portions (slices). If necessary slices repel kitchen mallet or the back of the cloth knife, covered them with plastic wrap.

Vegetables need to go through before cooking, rinse thoroughly and peel. Herbal vegetables do not need to be cleaned, washed and blocked enough to overturn a colander to drain excess moisture. Cruciferous vegetables should be free from contamination, damage and cobs. In cauliflower removed stem with green leaves. Peppers are released from the stalk and seeds.

Meat with vegetables recipes food — preparing dishes

Selection and preparation of dishes plays a significant role in the preparation of high-quality and healthy dishes. To meat and vegetables in the cooking process retained its healthy properties, excellent aroma and flavor, use an enameled cast-iron, Pyrex dishes. To prepare the entrees advisable to choose pans with thin walls, but they are not suitable frying. Braising, roasting, baking products must be carried in containers with thick walls and bottom.

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