Meat with mushroom sauce recipes food

Meat with mushroom sauce recipes food

Meat, even with mushroom sauce. This is a great application for masterpiece dish. In the recipe specifies dried mushrooms (for more flavor), if not, take a fresh, 300-400 grams. This recipe deserves to cook it at least once in order to try to eat as it is unrealistic. Mushrooms do not get cut into pieces, and twisted in a meat grinder. If fresh mushrooms, as an option, you can coarsely grate. Pork can replace chicken breasts, but with pork tastier.

Ingredients for meat with mushroom sauce recipes food:

  • Pork (flesh, tenderloin) — 0.7-0.8 kg,
  • 2 eggs,
  • Salt — teaspoon
  • Pepper — 0.5 tsp. breadcrumbs.

Meat sauce with mushroom sauce recipes food:

  • Dried mushrooms — 20g,
  • A glass of water,
  • Butter — 20g (1 tablespoon),
  • Flour (1 tablespoon).

Method of cooking meat with mushroom sauce recipes food

Meat cut into long strips approximately 10-15 cm in length, width 4-5, thickness — 1.5. It is clear that with a line running is not necessary, so, approximate dimensions for a guide. Slug discourage strongly do not need to flatten. If the flesh is tender, you cannot beat.

In a deep bowl, combine eggs with salt, pepper and a quarter cup of water (1 /4). Share this mix meat, making sure that every piece of it was drenched. At 2 hours leave to marinate.

In a pan pour oil, generously, without stinting. Meat should be immersed in it somewhere at least a third. Each piece of meat roll in breadcrumbs and fry until cooked. That it softened, it should be put in the dish, plate or lid closed.

Mushrooms grind in a meat grinder, add a cup of water and cook for ten minutes. Pour the egg fluid, where marinated meats.

Flour claimed in a dry frying pan until it turns dark golden. Mix it with mushroom sauce, not forgetting intensely disturbed. Add the butter and salt. Writing a minute or two to simmer. Serve with meat. Garnish — rice, potatoes, pasta.

Sauce with mushrooms — useful tips experienced cooks. Meat with mushroom sauce recipes food.

  • — To not clotted cream in the hot sauce, it added a bit of milk.
  • — When re- heating of sauces lose the taste, so it is recommended to cook them at once. Meat with mushroom sauce recipes food.