Meat in French with potatoes recipe

Meat in French with potatoes recipe

This dish cook’s familiar since the time of the Soviet Union, only then it was called differently. In our time, the meat takes pride of place on the menu of any class restaurant.

Required ingredients for Meat in French with potatoes recipe:

  • — Flesh of pork — 500 g;
  • — Potatoes — 1 kg;
  • — Onions — 2 pcs. ;
  • — Russian cheese — 200 g;
  • — Homemade mayonnaise;
  • — Spices, vegetable oil.

Way of cooking meat in French with potatoes recipe:

Pomo meat neatly wipes it dry out and cut into sheets. Kitchen hammer repel each piece both chops. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper and give stand for a few minutes while we do other products.

Peel the potato tubers, to mine them and we will cut circles. Share the sliced potatoes into 2 parts. Grind the onion and also divide it into 2 parts.

Big cheese we shall rub.

French meat and potatoes recipe. In a frying pan heat the olive oil. Begin to spread layer. The first layer we will have potatoes (part 1). The second layer — Part 1 prepared meat. Gently lubricates mayonnaise and thinly over which lay out a half an onion. The next layer — a layer of meat, mayonnaise and again. Mayonnaise will publish the second part of the bow and cover potatoes. All abundantly pour mayonnaise and send the dish to 1 hour in the flame cupboard, heated to a temperature of 180 degrees.

An hour later, our French masterpiece sprinkle with grated cheese. 10-15 minutes even leave the oven.

Cooked meat lie on the table as a whole, or slice it as pie to pieces. Meat in French with potatoes recipe