Meat in French recipe

Meat in French recipe — Best Recipes.

How to cook the meat and eat French. Meat in French Recipe — general principles and methods of preparation

Veal Orlowski recipe — a recipe name is French cuisine, which was the ancestor of the current meat in French. Once in Paris for Count Orlov cooked au gratin, which consisted of beef, mushrooms, onions and potatoes, baked in béchamel sauce with cheese.

Familiar to us meat in French, no relation to the French and their kitchen is not. It is exclusively a domestic recipe, in which we have invested all those ingredients that we believe are tasty. It turned out really tasty.

Meat in French Recipe — preparation products

If the recipe will participate pork, choose neck, brisket or juicy piece of pork ham. It’s not fat, but not too lean. Pork fat here obviously is superfluous, since it will make the mayonnaise dish into something inedible. Lean meat may be too dry. Pork must be uniformly colored. Yellow fatty layers are extremely undesirable.

Beef should not be too dark. Dark meat and yellow fat eloquently old aged beef. Let it rest in peace, we will not do such meat. Not be amiss to check meat elasticity. If its springy surface, you can take. If the meat is flabby and sluggish, let it lie on.

Home meat washed dried napkins, release from the bones and cut across the grain. Beat the meat should be a special hammer or the back side of a knife. Not to spray flew over the kitchen; the meat should be wrapped in plastic wrap.

Meat in French recipe — preparing dishes

French meat is cooked in the oven. So you can just use baking. But if the amount of the dishes is not large enough to fill a pan, can use a special form of a thick- or pan without handles. Then the dish is cooked evenly as possible.

When portioning dishes better use cooking spatula. The aim is to maximize the use of conservation appearance and structure of the dishes.

Meat in French recipe — Best Recipes