Fried potatoes with meat recipe food

Fried potatoes with meat recipe food

Difficult to meet a man who would resist the fried potatoes covered with a delicious crust, and especially when combined with tender pork and spices.

Ingredients Fried potatoes with meat food recipe :

  • pork 300 grams of pulp ,
  • 600 g pork ( meat) ,
  • green onions 40-50 grams,
  • 20 grams of garlic,
  • soy sauce 30 grams,
  • olive oil, sesame 10 grams of salt.

Way of cooking fried potatoes and meat food recipe:

Clean the medium potato cut it into round slices. Meat also chop into cubes , salt , fry in butter, adding at the end of cooking ( 2-3 minutes ) chopped onion and garlic , soy sauce . When the meat is almost cooked, put the potatoes and cook on low heat, stirring occasionally potatoes. Fry under the lid (after a few minutes you can remove the lid, and add a little salt the fire). Turn off the potatoes, add the sesame seeds and leave for 5-10 minutes. The dish is ready!

Potatoes and meat Fried potatoes with meat — eating recipe useful tips

To the meat of four-footed game — wild boar , elk, bear, and others — was tender and tasty , before preparing expose his 24 hours in the marinade ( for 1 liter. Dry white wine adds half teaspoon l. Vinegar, 100 g. Carrots and onions, cut into slices, 3 cloves of garlic and a bunch of greens). The same procedure can be carried out with meat old animal.

  • — Fry it necessary to strongly heated oil, and salt only when the pieces will be covered by a crust;
  • — Potatoes cooked quickly and will taste better if it previously scalded with boiling water and allow drying completely;
  • — Throws potatoes in boiling water, it promotes rapid protein folding and to minimize the loss of useful components.

Remember, meat and potatoes recipe food — its versatile products, so fantasize, and add new ingredients, because such dishes combined with almost everything: garlic, onions, tomatoes, herbs, spices, vegetables, even with green peas and canned corn. To make the dish of potatoes and meat special piquancy to add pan greased with fat, a little wine.

Bon appetit!