French pork recipe

French pork recipe


Description: In this embodiment, the meat remained in French as little French as well as in our nation’s Salad. Instead of veal stew popular fantasy embodied all that could only be conceived in it. The result was too heavy (frankly) for stomach and liver, but very tasty and satisfying dish.

Ingredients for Pork recipe in French

  •  Pork average fat content (400-500 grams),
  • 4 medium onions,
  • Cheese (200-300 grams),
  • Mayonnaise (400 grams),
  • Vegetable oil for greasing the pan,
  • Salt,
  • Pepper and herbs.

Method of preparation — Pork French recipe:

Meat rinse well and dry cloth. Cut pork meat across the grain on layers whose thickness does not exceed 1 cm the resulting pieces repel salt and peppered to taste. Onions cut into half rings. Cheese rubbed on very coarse grater.

Grease the baking tray with vegetable oil. Share on a layer of meat on top of him and put onion rings. Pour meat mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese. Cooking time is 25-30 minutes at 180 ° C. However, the readiness report eloquently dishes smell, which is able to completely clear out of my mind the thought of a healthy diet. Meat ready to be let stand 10 minutes. Pork French recipe