Duck with apples recipe food

Duck with apples recipe food

Duck with apples is not difficult to prepare, and this recipe at all striking in its simplicity. He is perhaps the most correct, because apples surround the carcass from all sides — from the bottom, sides and top. Thanks apple, meat is juicy and not greasy, because they absorb excess fat and garlic duck makes a very fragrant.

Ingredients duck with apples recipe food:

  • duck — 2 kg,
  • sour apples — 1 kg,
  • 5 cloves of garlic,
  • salt,
  • to taste the spices and condiments (pepper, curry, rosemary, etc.)

Way of cooking duck with apples recipe food

Washed carcass rub with salt, spices and herbs, not forgetting to look into the abdomen.

Cook apples. They do not necessarily need to be beautiful, as long as were tart. Cut their slices (each a quarter share even half), skin brushing is not necessary, but the core — is necessary.

At the bottom of the cauldron or put a layer of apples. Abdomen duck stuff with slices of apples and garlic sticks. Hole sew better to not filling fell out. Place the bird in a seam up the cauldron, and the walls between the duck dishes to put apples to the carcass were isolated from the edge of the pan. Remains of apples lay on.

Pour half a cup of water and bake for two to three hours (200C). The first hour and a half under the lid — then an hour and a half without a lid. To check the readiness of the duck, it must pierce deeper toothpick. If clear juice comes out — the meat is ready, if pinkish or mixed with blood, though still extinguished. Do not be afraid that the duck dehydrating the apples will not allow this. If you suddenly begin to burn apples, add a little water.

Baked until cooked carcass to pass on a dish, remove strings, apples from the abdomen to lie side by side, they can be used as a side dish or addition to, but those apples that stewed in a cauldron and absorbed too much fat, there is not recommended.

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