Duck with apples in beer recipe food

Duck with apples in beer recipe food

Then you and drink here and eat. This, of course, a joke, because alcohol from beer evaporates will only hop aroma. A taste of a duck simply matchless.

duck with apples ingredients in beer recipe food :

  • bird duck — 2 kg ,
  • 4-5 sour apples ,
  • 0.5 liters of lager beer,
  • spices polishes carcass black and hot pepper , cumin , salt , savory (optional ) or Provence herbs .

Way of cooking duck with apples in beer recipe food

To prepare the duck need cauldron or other thick-walled cookware oval.

Carcass carefully rub inside and out with a mixture of spices and salt.

Apples cut into quarters, remove the core and to stuff their belly duck. That they are not extracting and heating has not flowed juice, conventional edge should sew thread with a needle.

The remaining apples lay on the bottom of the cauldron. Optionally, you can add a handful of dried apricots. Top place on the back of the duck and pour beer. Cover and bake for one hour, (190C). Then remove the lid, turn on the carcass abdomen and cook another forty or fifty minutes. Beer during this time evaporates and weighting covered golden crust