Duck with apples and oranges recipe food

Duck with apples and oranges recipe food

This duck with apples and oranges recipe food is prepared not only with apples and oranges (or tangerines), but with a garnish — rice. And what flavor stands in the kitchen during baking — no words to describe.

Ingredients duck with apples and oranges recipe food:

  • duck — 2.5 kg,
  • salt,
  • black pepper and hot pepper,
  • 4 cloves of garlic.

For the filling:

  • 4 sour apples,
  • 2 oranges (mandarin or 4).

For garnish:

  • cup of rice,
  • salt,
  • 2 bell peppers (preferably a bright color).

Way of cooking duck with apples and oranges recipe food

Washed rice soak for an hour and a half. Apples cut into cubes (cannot be cleaned), oranges and tangerines disassembled into slices. Slice of orange can be further cut into two or three pieces.

Carcass washed thoroughly rubs, rubbing into meat and skin salt, minced garlic and seasonings. You can add a pinch of curry.

Lay on a baking large sheet of foil (or more overlapping sheets) so that it can be packaged duck. Share on his carcass, stuff with its fruit and sew the cut needle and white thread.

Bell pepper cut into medium cubes, mix with the soaked rice and salt. Share garnish around the duck around, pour 2/3 cup water, packaged in foil and bake for two hours (200C). Foil and roast duck to deploy to a crisp for another half hour. Every ten minutes, open the oven and stir the rice so that it retain moisture. If not enough liquid, add half a cup of boiling water with another.

Like a duck is cooked, give her a foil to infuse twenty minutes. Then remove the skin, put the spoon on the edge of the filling and serve meals.

Duck with apples recipe food — useful tips experienced cooks

  1. — If the carcass is used for stuffing sweet apples to impart sourness, slices must sprinkle with lemon juice.
  2. — If duck baked in a sleeve, melted fat should be drained, cool and store in refrigerator.
  3. — The remaining meat with roasted duck can be used for salads or pizza toppings.