Lasagna with meatballs recipes food

Lasagna with meatballs and chicken eggs food recipes

Claimed dish is not nothing but a «Neapolitan lasagna.» It differs from the familiar recipe with meat that we knurled minced meatballs and fry them. Besides use tomatoes in their own juice for making tomato sauce.

ingredients for lasagna and meatballs recipes food :

  • onion ( 1 pc.) ,
  • carrots ( 1 pc.) ,
  • celery ( 1 pc.) ,
  • garlic,
  • tomatoes in juice (1 liter) ,
  • chicken eggs ( 5 pieces) ,
  • minced beef (400 grams) ,
  • mozzarella ( 150 grams) ,
  • parmesan ( 60 grams) ,
  • a little olive oil and butter for greasing forms ,wafer test ,
  • dry red wine (50 grams) .

Method of cooking lasagna with meatballs recipes food

Boil until soft dough. Cut vegetables, a little stew them in a pan with vegetable oil and wine. Half of the liquid should evaporate. Mash the tomatoes in their own juice and bring them to a boil over low heat. To prepare the stuffing shall cut parmesan flat plates, mixed with raw egg and cheese. Minced Kata small meatballs. Fry in a skillet and add to the tomato sauce. Boiled hard-boiled eggs cut into plates, as we proceed with mozzarella.

In tins for baking spread cooked lasagna sheets (see instructions) and close the sauce. Following are summary mozzarella and eggs. Then again, a layer of dough and repeat everything with sauce. Several layers of foil and close put in the oven. Suffice it for 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. We take out the beauty of the oven and cut into pieces. Carefully, she is very hot! And such it is necessary to submit to the table — be careful and bon appetite!

Lasagna recipe food — useful tips experienced cooks

— This chic — lasagna recipe with seafood meal. Take as a layer, such as perch fillets (or any oily fish), overcooked onions, garnish the finished dish roasted peanuts, shrimp and mussels — get a dish worthy of the most expensive Italian restaurant.

— Another original idea — lasagna recipe with pineapple food. Arrange pineapple slices between layers of meat (veal, beef, or bloom), sprinkle with nutmeg, and bake. This dish can be a perfect base for a romantic dinner.

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