Lasagna with eggplant recipe food

Lasagna with eggplant recipe food

Cheap and delicious eggplant is the best suited for vegetable lasagna. Fry them a bit on the grill so that they were juicy, but not oily, tomato sauce and season — if such you have not tried; you have a new favorite of vegetable dishes.

Ingredients for lasagna with eggplant recipe food :

  • eggplant (1, 5 kg) ,
  • olive oil (5 tablespoons ) ,
  • onion ,
  • sugar ( 2 tbsp. spoons) ,
  • salt,
  • dry basil,
  • canned tomatoes ( 400 grams) ,
  • dough ( 12 sheets ) ,
  • parmesan cheese (30 grams ) ,
  • mozzarella ( 225 grams ) .

Method of cooking lasagna with eggplant recipe food

Heat the grill and bake the eggplant slices on the grill (greased on both sides). Fry for 10 minutes, close to the fire until golden brown and turn over. Oven heated up to 190 degrees.

Tomato sauce: warm up the remaining oil in a 4- liter pan, spread the onion, fry, and add sugar, salt, basil, tomatoes with juice.

Mash with a spoon tomatoes, bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for 15 minutes. Preparing dough layers, as instructed, and then forms a dish in a baking dish. A little tomato sauce, dough, layer eggplant, half the remaining sauce, parmesan and a little bit of mozzarella. Repeat the operation several times, bake 40 minutes. After cooking the dish should stand for 10 minutes to make it easier to cut portions.