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Lasagna recipes food recipes are the best.

How to cook and eat lasagna. Lasagna recipes food — general principles and methods of preparation.

Want to feel like a real time Italian? Then prepare traditional Italian dishes, a native of the city of Bologna. Lasagna in its origins signified only pan for cooking. The word itself comes from the Greek «lasanon» — hot plate. Practical Italians adapted the word for the name of his specialties present their favorite dishes. To make it, we need the dough, filling and béchamel sauce. Stuffing can be built from any ingredients — meat, minced meat, tomatoes, spinach and other vegetables.

Also welcomes the cheese, beef stew, mushrooms, ham and other goodies. As for the test, then it is cooked very simply as pasta or noodles. Almost all supermarkets sell ready-made sheets for these wholesome and delicious dishes. Some sheets do not even need to boil in advance — Follow the instructions on the package. Total for lasagna need six layers, each of which is shifted filling and top with grated cheese poured all with a few pats of butter. By the way, if the finished dish is not eaten immediately, it can be frozen for the future.

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If you follow it to the Italian menu, then select cheeses such as ricotta and mozzarella. Parmesan used mandatory only lasagna Bolognese, but for home cooking can take any hard cheese. Importantly, get incredibly appetizing crust during baking in the oven. As the meat is better to take a mixture of beef and pork. If you want a lighter meal — fit perfectly and minced chicken.

Lasagna recipes food — the best recipes