The history of ice cream recipes food + 2 unique recipes!

The history of ice cream recipes food + 2 unique recipes!

There is no person on earth who at least once has not tried ice cream. The diversity of this dessert does not allow remaining indifferent to it. Even sophisticated gourmets can choose to your taste frozen sweetness. Composition of ice cream is that it is rightly considered the most useful and at the same times the most nutritious product. And the ice cream can be considered as a time machine for adults — enjoying a favorite treat, quietly transported to childhood days when ice cream was the invariable attribute of each day.

Who invented the ice cream and how? The exact date of this product is unknown to anyone. It is believed that 5,000 years ago the first to try the ice cream in the form of a mixture of crushed ice and fruit rich Chinese people. Hot climate and the proximity of the mountains, where you can find all year round ice and snow prompted the chefs of the time to come up with a product of double pleasure : and tasty and refreshing . And as in all ages of people want to get «and bread and circuses» is production of ice turned into an interesting tournament in which slaves were competing in the speed of delivery of ice and snow from the mountains.

Almost simultaneously with the Chinese, Arabs invented a way to cool drinks and juices. Specially trained servants noble families once a month went into the mountains along with security. There they sucked eggs harvested from content and shell filled with a mixture of cooked juice or flavored water. Then the shell was placed in the snow at night. Ice cream making process and its delivery to the table was akin to intelligence operations. All done in secret from prying eyes, and ice cream ready guarded as gold bullion.

Later, in 1295, the famous explorer Marco Polo brought the recipe to Italy frozen dessert, donated by the Mongol Khan. Refrigerators did not exist, but the court there were chemists sweet tooth , which by all means , wanted to eat every day chilled and frozen fruit juice. So they devised a way to freeze products using nitrate. The process was that the container was placed on ice nitrate container with the juice, and too uniformly freeze occurred, it was necessary to rotate the container in opposite directions relative to each other. Due to the fact that , instead of the juice in the container can be any other frozen product emerged from the mass of ice cream recipes for milk, cream and egg . Dessert recipes were kept a closely guarded secret by the chefs. And again, the ice cream was not only chic completing any holiday table at the court, but also the subject of intrigue. Own cook — iceman — the respect and prestige in society. And to humiliate his nemesis, it was not necessary to go to war against it, just needed to win over his ice-cream chef. It was believed that this humiliating than if the enemy has withdrawn his mistress or lover.

In the case of ice cream recipes spread all over the world played a special role, Catherine de Medici. Becoming the wife of King Henry II, she moved to France with his chef — ice-cream. The culmination of the feast was any ice cream and sorbet with frozen orange juice. Very long court chefs managed to keep secret ice cream recipe, but to the delight of many in 1782 Procopius de Katella opened cafe which offered to try eight kinds of ice cream.

But work was very heavy ice-cream — because in order to make one serving of ice cream, it was necessary for 40 minutes shaking two containers filled with ice and the product. In 1847, entrepreneur Nancy Johnson patented the first hand the freezer. In addition to freezing and stirring goodies could whip cream freezer.


Since then, the ice cream has become a favorite dessert and affordable for all people worldwide. For some of the powerful, for example, Napoleon Bonaparte for ice cream has become an integral part of life. Going into exile on St. Helena, he did not forget to write for you apparatus for the manufacture of ice cream. Goethe’s most bitter memories of childhood became the case when his mother threw the whole bowl of ice cream, considered unacceptable for baby food. And Hippocrates believed that this delicacy «cures lethargy.» Catherine II during the coup in Russia comforted her husband Peter III, namely ice cream with chocolate and nuts. And Winston Churchill after a winter visit Russia concluded: «The people who eat ice cream in winter — unbeatable! »

The popularity of ice cream today makes it a field for experimentation , such as Japan was invited gourmet flavored ice cream crab , beef tongue , chicken wings , wasabi mustard . And in Chile, one entrepreneur decided that ice cream with cocaine will guarantee good mood and increase its popularity. For such a mockery of the noble and dessert for drug trafficking was arrested businessman. And in the UK at the request of animal lovers have created ice cream for dogs. Dessert different meat flavor and the temperature at which ice cream is soft.

Composing menu festive table, every woman wants to surprise your guests with unusual dishes, and even that for dessert, then to him any special requirement. Dish crowning feast should be very tasty and at the same time easy. Ice cream for dessert — the best option, but his cooking is associated with certain difficulties, overcoming any hostess who can consider himself an ace in cooking. The beauty is that the ice cream by adding different ingredients to create your own masterpiece and intrigue all while keeping their own secret recipe. Ideal if the hostess at hand is electric freezer with integrated cooling unit. In this case everything you need to do — is to lay the ingredients and press the button. More time will be needed if there is a manual freezer. It consists of two tanks, one of which is filled with ice- salt mixture of the other dessert. The process of making ice cream in this case is the constant addition of ice to the external tank and rotating the handle for 30 — 40 minutes. Ice cream in ice cream maker hand thicken, but not frozen, and therefore must be prepared just before serving, or should undergo subsequent freeze in the freezer. You can do without ice cream, but then this process will last 5 — 6 hours. Mixture of ingredients will need to whisk every 30 minutes, and then each time to put in the freezer. In any case you should try to prepare this delicacy.

Chocolate ice cream recipes food

  • — Egg yolks — 3 pcs.
  • — Milk 6% — 250 gr.
  • — Dark chocolate — 120 gr.
  • — Water — 3 spoons
  • — Cream of not less than 35 % — 6 tablespoons. Spoons
  • — Powdered sugar — 3 spoons

Beat the egg yolks into thick foam with powdered sugar. With constant stirring, add the foam boiling milk in a thin stream. The resulting mixture with constant stirring simmers until thick, cool. In the cooled molten mass to enter the chocolate in a water bath, and then the whipped cream. The mixture was placed in the freezer.

Mandarin ice cream with mandarin sauce recipes food.

For the ice cream:

  • — Egg yolks — 3 pcs.
  • — Powdered sugar — 100 gr.
  • — Cream at least 35 % -200 ml.
  • — Mandarin — 1 pc.
  • — Citrus liqueur — 2st. spoon.

For the sauce:

  • — Mandarin — 1 pc.
  • — Starch — 1 tsp.
  • — Sugar — 2 spoons
  • — Citrus liqueur — 3 spoons.

In a water bath whipped yolks with powdered sugar until the consistency of thick cream, and then continue whisking until cool. Separately, whip cream and combine with cream. Connect with mandarin juice and liqueur, stirring slowly, put in cream. Weight put in the freezer for 3 hours. Sauce: 2 tbsp. spoons tangerine juice mixed with starch and pour in boiling mixture with remaining liqueur juice. Cool.