Healthy meats. Best meats to eat.


Healthy meats. Best meats to eat.

Healthy meats. To eat or not to eat meat? A lot of controversy about this recently. Supporters say vegetarian food that is harmful, supposedly there are many carcinogens that cause cancer and so on. And on the other hand, animal food is replaced with great success herbal products.

Nutritionists strongly disagree with them. Healthy meat of animal origin contain essential amino acids. These people can`t teach with any other food. The question remains what is useful to the meat, what better to choose and how to prepare to give pleasure and benefit.

The more useful meat. Healthy meats. Best meats to eat.

Each day we should get 30% of dietary protein. Usefulness. It is necessary growing organism, and in adulthood, the code must be maintained all the worn-out cells and hormonal system. Most of the protein in the healthy meat of course. And there are iron, zinc and other B vitamins — for the nervous system and sleep, niacin — to maintain metabolism, folic acid — just vital for pregnant women.

Healthy meats. Different kinds of meat may carry and the harm and benefit.

What meat is the most useful and healthy? Best meats to eat.

Rabbit — undoubtedly the most dietary meat and healthy. Here, most of the protein — 21%, and fat — 15%. Because of its hypoallergenic recommend most small children. Meat low-calorie, so you can eat without fear of excess weight.

Horse meat, venison, chicken and turkey meat are on the 2nd healthy meat place after the rabbits. The protein content of 20%, and 9-20% fat. These meats are not so common on the shelves, and are more expensive. A chicken turkey is much more accessible and familiar. Not recommended to eat wings and neck, there are a lot of fat in the skin.

Most of the birds is the right legs, and even better breasts. Breasts are considered hypoallergenic and low-fat, dietary. The main thing, the healthy meat must be fresh.

It is better to abandon the frozen carcasses buy chilled. You can consider carefully sniffed.

Veal. It 18-20% protein. Some experts believe that this meat bad cholesterol that builds up and causes atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes. Output is always there. We will not get involved in this meat, all should be in moderation. So its diet should be less red meat and more white.

The most harmful nutritionists believe pork and lamb. The lamb protein — 16%, in pork — 11%. The fat in pork as much as 70% in mutton a little smaller. Besides mutton due rigid muscle fibers absorbed worse.

Harm pork that there is a lot of fat, cholesterol, too, and so ill with cardiovascular diseases very likely. If you want a slim figure and good health, it is better to abandon such dishes.

In the extreme case, select «clipping» with a minimum amount of fat.

The older a person is, the less need to eat meat. With age, your metabolism slows down. Do not overload your once again organism. Healthy properties of chicken meat

To get the maximum benefit from the healthy meat, it is necessary to cook it.

It is better to boil or bake. A shish kebab and fried meat in a frying pan is not abused. Pi frying just stand carcinogens hazardous to health. There must be meat with lots of vegetables (cooked and raw), herbs. It thus appears excess cholesterol absorption occurs animal protein.

The vegetables contain fiber, it does not stagnate undigested food, it removes all unnecessary. Fiber is found not only in vegetables, but also in brown rice, buckwheat, pasta from durum wheat. Let these products be your side dish to meat.