Healthy food


Healthy food

Apples — healthy food. They lower cholesterol and improve digestion, if you eat at least one apple, your stomach will run like clockwork.

Lemon (healthy food) increases the body’s resistance, protects against infections, strengthens our bones.

Bananas (healthy food) are very useful for digestion, they protect the stomach wall from the harmful effects of salt, spicy food.

Beans (healthy food). Also, reduce cholesterol, normalize blood sugar, prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Cauliflower (healthy food) is recommended for weight loss, detoxifies and reduces bad cholesterol.

Strawberry (healthy food) neutralizes viruses that enter the body.

Potato (healthy food) has beneficial effects on the intestine, prevents inflammation. Useful products

Garlic (healthy food) is a natural antibiotic, reduces cholesterol and is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Oranges (healthy food) are very useful for muscle atrophy and as gum disease, asthma attacks weaken.

Grapefruit (healthy food) well reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Sweet pepper (healthy food) protects against colds, bronchitis, multiple sclerosis.

Plum (healthy food) has a bactericidal action, improves digestion.

Asparagus (healthy food) is a very good effect on the kidneys and is recommended as a diuretic.

Onion (healthy food) is especially useful for bronchitis, colds, sore throat.

Ginger (healthy food) is not only used as a culinary spice, it helps with vertigo, motion sickness. Very useful for digestion in the composition of cinnamon that treat abdominal pain and flatulence improve. Also it is used in the slack burns.

Cinnamon (healthy food) is another culinary seasoning help for menstrual pain and some forms of asthma.

Juniper (healthy food) is used to treat hypertension, juniper oil is very useful in the treatment of arthritis and gout, if you have a disorder digestion drink tea from juniper. You can put a sprig of juniper, along with roses, and they have not fade, will delight you with its beauty.

This is the most useful products for humans and they must be on the menu. Eat healthy foods, eat properly, lead a healthy lifestyle, play sports, spend more time outdoors and be healthy, beautiful, happy!