Healthy fast food


Healthy fast food

America is famous for its fast foods with not very healthy food. What do those who have no time or opportunity to prepare your own lunch, there are somewhere in the expensive place costly and bite something for lunch still want. If you are among these people, this article — for you, about healthy fast food.

Here I publish the 10 most healthy fast foods. The list is the magazine with the help of Health leading nutritionists, who reviewed more than one hundred major fast-food chains and selected 10 of the most «healthy», based on the use of natural fats when preparing food, using organic products, the availability of low-calorie food and other things.

Unbelievable but true — McDonald’s hit the Top Ten Healthy fast food. As it turned out, the problem is not where you eat, but rather — what you eat … For greasy burgers and fries healthy lifestyle generally do not contribute, no matter where they were eaten — at McDonald’s or at an expensive restaurant. Unfortunately, some fast foods from this list is only in part of the country. But wherever you live, you can always find something appropriate, so that the next time to satisfy his hunger, run for the nearest burger Burger King is not necessary.

  1. Panera Bread — a large fast-food chain bakeries across the country. Here you can order sandwiches with bread from wheat flour (much healthier than white bread), soups are served in small portions, as well as a large variety of salads. For starters, you can choose an apple (not fries like most eateries). Note from me: very much there the tomato soup in a bowl made of bread — maybe not low calorie, but very tasty
  2. Jason’s Deli is located mainly in the south-east of the country. Most of the eateries in Texas. About half of all the ingredients used in Jason’s Deli — organic.
  3. Au Bon Pain is mainly located in the east of the country. This is one of the first major fast-food chains, which was to promote healthy eating to the masses. You can find sandwiches, soups and salads with whole grains, vegetables and chicken meat without any additives. Comment from me tried different things in Au Bon Pain, but I did not like anything on the palate …
  4. Noodles and Company — seemingly ordinary Asian snack bar, common in the Midwest and Southeast. In fact, there can be found not only Asian, but American and Mediterranean dishes, many of which are very low in calories. Chicken, beef and shrimp used in dishes — without antibiotics and hormones, and tofu — organic.
  5. Corner Bakery Cafe is famous for its healthy low-calorie breakfast. There you can also find sandwiches, salads and soups with whole grains, lean meats and fresh vegetables.
  6. Chipotle — Mexican fast-food, distribution throughout the country. The meat is used in the Chipotle — organic and without any additives. Unbelievable but true — the meat comes exclusively from local farmers (it seems incredible, because it is a very large network). It is also possible to order a burrito or taco is not, but just a salad, get rid of excess «flour» calories. Note from me: very tasty! Thrill, try their spicy salsa.
  7. Atlanta Bread something on the type of Panera Bread, but much smaller in volume. Menu similar — sandwiches with a «healthy» bread, salads and soups.
  8. McDonalds — no need to comment. If you are close there is no place listed in this list, go there and order a Happy Meal with apple instead of potatoes and juice or low-fat milk instead of Coca-Cola. Salad with low-calorie dressing Paul Newman low-fat balsamic vinaigrette, or Chicken sandwich (Grilled Chicken Classic) — is also a good choice (but do not add any sauces!)
  9. Einstein Bros. Bagels — bagel chain eateries across the country. In contrast to most other bagel places, instead of high-calorific butter and cheese, are offering healthier options like, for example, hummus. As well as salads, including fruit salade.
  10. Taco Del Mar — another network Mexican food, distributed mainly in the northwest and east of the country. Everyone knows that the seafood is much healthier meat, Taco Del Mar offers not only the standard beef and chicken burritos, but burritos and fish, as well as provides an alternative to tortillas, offering not only standard corn or white flour, but also more «healthy» — wholemeal. Another bonus to fans of healthy food — fish tacos and not fried and baked. So healthy fast food still exists!