Easy omelette with peas breakfast recipe


Easy omelette with peas breakfast recipe

Easy omelette with peas breakfast recipe — a variant tender dietary omelette decorated with the addition of peas. Recipe omelette mixture is taken without the addition of diet soda, baking powder, flour, various fillers. Splendor omelette provide recommended practices omelette whisking the mixture by hand with a fork without a mixer.

For ready meals fit fresh or fresh-frozen green peas. Fresh beans for urban residents rare, so when cooking food using a popular frost. Omelette with peas steamed in a double boiler or multicooker, baked in the oven, Aerogrill, multicooker. Dietichnee turns tender and steam omelet with peas. Baked version suitable adherents of traditional cuisine. Green peas in a dish bring a new flavor and additional useful properties. Omelette with green peas relative to different conventional reduced-calorie, cholesterol, calories, the presence of additional nutrients. Omelette with peas turns gentle, soft, suitable for dietetic and children and healthy eating.

Ingredients easy omelette with peas breakfast recipe:

  • Eggs — 2 pcs
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • Fresh frozen peas — 100 g
  • Salt — to taste

Easy omelette with peas breakfast recipe:

  • Fresh frozen green peas, thawed previously, poured the water formed.
  • Pour into a refractory form, or to the bottom Multicooker in cooking baking mode.
  • Form is not stained or grease refined olive oil.
  • Eggs, milk metered, a pinch of salt by hand whisk with a fork without foaming for fluffy omelet. Season with salt mixture gently, does not tolerate salty dish.
  • The resulting mixture was poured onto omelette laid out in the shape of a green peas.
  • Prepare an omelet with peas in the oven for 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees, Aerogrill at 180 degrees, the average speed of the fan 20 minutes in a steamer for 15 minutes in a baking program Multicooker 20 minutes, steaming — 30 minutes.
  • Cooking time chosen individually: depends on the thickness omelette mixture power kitchen appliances, electric network at home.
  • Ready omelette with green peas served hot with toasted bran bread, if desired greased unrefined olive oil extra virgin.