Vermicelli. Description composition useful properties

Vermicelli. Description composition useful properties

Nutritionist’s different countries have denied the fact that from vermicelli get better: it turns out, the reason being overweight become gravies and sauces, served to pasta. But vermicelli itself, on the contrary, does not contain a single gram of fat and with proper use even promotes weight loss

Description vermicelli

Vermicelli — unleavened pasta as thin short rods. The shape of the product and the name was — «vermicelli» that Italian translates as «worms». Historians believe that people immediately started to make pasta, as we could get the first portion of flour. Italians are dried in the sun belt of the dough and cut them used to prepare hearty toppings. However, the name » noodles » in Italy until the XIV century was neither widespread , as in every Italian city of these small » worm » called in their own way, and the term «vermicelli» was used only in Naples. In Russia, he was recognized only by the end of XIX century, thanks to Russian cultural figures, writers and artists, a trip to Italy.

Noodles have a circular cross section and thickness thinner than spaghetti. Used for the manufacture of pasta water kneaded wheat flour. In the formulation of the product may contain eggs or egg powder. To make the pasta of different colors can be used Food dyes in the form of vegetable powder spinach (green tint gives pasta), tomato (red color) or carrots (orange-yellow hue). Vermicelli is of three kinds: amateur (product thickness 3.5 mm), common (1.5 mm thick) and spider (0.8 mm thick). Our shops you can find vermicelli of high-grade flour (product group) and noodles made from durum wheat (product group A). Everyone knows that the product of hard wheat varieties is more useful and is considered the highest quality. Vermicelli surface should be smooth, without cracking and chipping. Quality product has a uniform golden color without whitish specks and dark spots. Shelf pasta as any other pasta products not more than a year. To the product not made bugs, store in a dry vermicelli, dark place, preferably in a sealed container.

To properly boil pasta, it should fill in boiling salted water and stir occasionally to avoid burning. Better to use a wide stainless steel pot. Vermicelli must float freely in the water, otherwise the pasta stick together in lumps. Vermicelli good quality is not necessary to wash after cooking. If the surface of cooked pasta acted a lot of starch, it indicates the poor quality of the product — in this case it is necessary to wash off excess starch running water. Cooked noodles served with various tomato and cream sauce, olive oil, vegetable ingredients. Also, it is commonly used as a garnish for meat dishes, add to soups.

Composition and useful properties of vermicelli

Vermicelli of soft wheat gluten contains much that is of little value for our body: an excessive amount of carbohydrates accumulated in the body and converted into fat. Much more useful noodles made from durum wheat as a wheat starch contained in the crystalline form and is not destroyed by cooking. Crystalline starch is able to retain protein, which is perfectly absorbed by our body and gives him energy. In the same soft wheat’s contained useless amorphous starch (such as in baking white bread), which only contributes to weight gain. Therefore it is useful to use noodles made from durum.

Pasta from durum wheat are rich in protein , amino acids , fiber, B vitamins and vitamin E , potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron . Fiber stimulates the bowel, struggling with chronic constipation, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and removes toxins from the body. B vitamins are essential for the healthy functioning of the nervous system, they increase resistance to stress, regulate energy metabolism. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties, protects against heart disease, visual impairment, and gives the elasticity of our blood vessels and skin. Working at the cellular level, vitamin E can slow down the aging process. Amino acids contained in durum wheat, support the proper development and functioning of the body: they improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals, as well as enhance their action.


Instant noodles so beloved by many for what it does not need cooking, fraught with unpleasant surprise: it contains a lot of fat carcinogenic. In such a manufacturing process are dried noodles in the oil at high temperatures. As a result, heating oil becomes rancid and can release carcinogens.

Popular today multicolored pasta should be painted only natural vegetable powders. However, unscrupulous manufacturers in order to save cost and reduce its pasta dyed with artificial chemical dyes. Therefore, you should first carefully study the composition of vermicelli (artificial dyes must be listed in the composition in the form of ingredients labeled E) and opt for vegetable additives.

People who are overweight, have to remember that is not the calorie noodles, various meat and supplements thereto, mayonnaise and sauces. According to the science of nutrition, pasta — is a separate dish, which can only be combined with vegetable or olive oil. And from sauces, sausages and goulash, they should be completely abandoned.