Veal — meat. Description composition useful properties

Veal — meat. Description composition useful properties.

Veal with its amazingly delicate flavor is considered the most valuable meat. Rich in digestible acids, minerals and vitamins, it must necessarily be present in the diet of children and on the table the elderly and sick people

Description veal:

Veal meat called calves slaughtered at the age of 3 to 5 months. For these meat suit individuals of either sex or any breed cows. However, the greatest amount of beef produced from male dairy cattle.

The most delicious and expensive meat is considered to be dairy calves. They are fed only milk, meat and their characteristic pale pink color with a light gray shade and gentle scent. If meat palely probably scored too early animals raised or the rules. First-class is also solid veal and velvety to the touch. Production of such high-quality meat is renowned for the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom.

When calves are weaned from the udder and transferred to grain or grass, its meat is starting to blush, losing its light shade, and becomes more pungent smell. This product is considered less valuable and is much cheaper.

Because of its delicate veal meat is a delicacy and is much in demand. It is not only delicious, but also dietary product — non-greasy and not very satisfying, and its preparation requires special skills. Since veal is almost no fat, you must prepare it in some liquid: for example, in the sauce simmer, constantly watered juice or bake on the grill, placed on baking tray with water. Cook it perfectly tender meat only by experienced cooks. After all, if a little undercooked veal, it will be half-baked, and if even slightly overcook, it will be tough and hard like sole. Besides it is not recommended to cook veal with blood, as with underdone piece will follow a mixture of milk and a light pink juice has an unpleasant taste and also not entirely safe for human health.

Cutting of veal is very similar to butchering beef. The most valuable and exquisite considered that part of veal, which is located between Rump and thin sirloin. Rump is prepared from meat are delicious scallops , and of thin sirloin usually cook over high heat, roast beef — meat from these treatments not only becomes golden brown , but becomes more juicy.

Another secret, which is cooked veal, lies in tapping. This needs to cut the meat across the grain — it will facilitate his chewing.

The method of cooking veal mainly depends on the particular piece of meat. Thus, the flesh back legs for schnitzel rolls, fries and chops first cutlet part — for meatballs and boiled meat sauce , and Chuck and blade — for minced meat . Calves from the bones to make broth for soups of the heads and legs — jelly and of Loin and ham obtained appetizing fried dishes.

Veal combined perfectly with vegetables, it is usually seasoned with pepper and salt, and alcohol from her exquisite taste best way accentuates dry white wine.

Composition and useful properties of veal

Due to the abundance of easily digestible amino acids and various minerals veal meat is considered the most useful views. It contains a number of complete proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and also includes the important vitamins such as E, PP, A, C, B6 and B12. A mineral complex represented veal phosphorus, iron, and potassium, zinc, aground, cobalt, magnesium, etc.

Veal well absorbed by the body. The nutritional value of this meat during cooking hardly diminishes as its most valuable component — protein — preserved almost completely. Furthermore, so-called rich veal extractives that have almost no nutritional value, but are powerful activators separation digestive juices — thus, they help to improve food assimilation.


Nutritionists strongly recommend including in the diet of veal children, elderly and people. This meat must be on the table of those who complain on hypertension, diabetes, or any stomach problems. And recover from various injuries, infectious diseases and burns help boiled veal.

This meat is indispensable for those people who care about their well-being and health, as well as for patients with a diagnosis of anemia. Veal is considered one of the best sources of iron, which is absorbed only in the presence of vitamin C — for this reason it is desirable to use with sauerkraut.