Pizza. Description composition useful properties

Pizza. Description composition useful properties

This traditional Italian dish you can order today and in the office and at home. Hot pizza fit for a snack at lunchtime, and treats for friends. And if you believe one online survey, almost 80 % of Internet users called pizza favorite meal

Description pizza

Pizza — known to the whole world the national dish of Italy in the form of an open round cake covered with the classic recipe tomato and melted cheese (usually mozzarella). This beguiling culinary professional language called topping.

It is believed that the prototype pizza served on a table to the ancient Greeks and the Romans, some of the dishes they prepared for bread chunks. And the official capital of the Italian dishes calls Naples. There even existed profession «pizzaioli» — so called people who were prepared pizza for peasants. This dish was invented after the first time in 1552 was brought to Europe from Peru tomatoes. Besides tomatoes, Neapolitan pizza filled with cheese, seafood, meat, mushrooms and vegetables.

In those days, eating pizza was considered poor. But once she fell in love with and a representative of the aristocracy. First, who did not hide his love for this popular product, was the wife of King Ferdinand IV of Naples, Maria Carolina of Habsburg — Lorraine. After her his passion for pizza is not withheld, King Umberto I and his wife Margherita of Savoy.

From the earliest days of this Italian dish baked in the oven and sold on the street. Comfortable indoor places which today are called pizzerias appeared much later.

This dish quickly spread worldwide, but the greatest demand enjoyed in Europe and America. The secret lays in the appeal of pizza prostate its preparation, nutritional value and a huge variety of recipes. Only some Americans invented a dozen ways to prepare: they bake pizza New York, Chicago, California, Hawaii, and others in different countries give this dish its national strokes. In Israel , for example, is popular partly kosher pizza , and the Japanese are preparing » okonomiyaki » — a fried tortilla stuffed with seafood and vegetables , oiled special sauce and sprinkled flakes of tuna.

In Ukraine, the pizza also enjoys a well-deserved love. We many not only bought it in pizzerias, but bake at home with their own hands. Prepare this dish is simple: the dough can be made for it to taste — and yeast, and freshwater. First preparing longer, and the second is considered less delicious, but it can be stored for a longer time. In pizzerias rolled dough smeared with tomato or other sauce (based on sour cream, eggs, olive or vegetable oil with herbs and spices), which spread the filling. The latter can be any — meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms and cheese. In vocational institutions pizza baked in a wood oven, called Pompeii, as well as conveyor and hearth furnaces.

Composition and useful properties of pizza

Pizzas own, has many useful properties. General nutrition and the nutritional value of this dish depend on its constituents.

Pizza dough is often made from wheat, rich in vitamins E, F, C, PP and Group B and a full set of minerals. It also contains the bran and endosperm, rich in antioxidants. Wheat carries a huge energy potential, it adds vitality and immunity, as well as regulates the acid -alkaline balance, cleanses the body, normalizes digestion and potency.


Essential ingredient of any pizza or tomato sauce is based on them. They are a considerable number contains the substance lycopene; helps prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Eggs in the pizza are a source of valuable proteins and cheese — calcium. A number of useful properties can boast and olive oil, which is often seasoned with this dish. This oil has anti-aging, immune-stimulating and anti-sclerotic effect. Not inferior to its nutritional qualities and seafood. Being a source of protein, vitamins and minerals, they are shown for heart disease and thyroid, digestive disorders and obesity.


With caution should be treated to a pizza — semis. Products that can be taken after 5 minutes warm-up, likely contain many harmful additives. The latter can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms — from the banal allergy and up to asthma attacks.

Cooking pizza at home, you should not abuse smoked and other meat is not the most useful products. Instead of sausage, bacon or sausages better add the chicken or turkey, as well as low-calorie spinach or cheese.