Hotdog. Description, history, composition, health benefits and harms

Hotdog. Description, history, composition, health benefits and harms

Gastronomic symbol of the United States — a hot dog — a culinary «product» ordinary German butcher. And despite the fact that nutritionists shout in unison about the damage «fast» food, today in America, and Germany continue to informally celebrate anniversaries and conduct other celebrations in honor appetizing «hot dog»

Description Hotdog

Hotdog, which literally translated to English means «hot dog » is a sandwich with sausage or sausage inside. As a rule, it adds a sauce, for example, mustard, mayonnaise or ketchup, as well as fresh, fried or pickled vegetables (mainly cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage), various greens, cheese or bacon. The greatest advantage of this «representative» of fast food is that it can be eaten without any utensils and cutlery.

His appearance in the light hotdog obliged usual the Frankfurt butcher, who was involved in the production of sausages. Their meat products he called «Dachshund», which in German means «fee.» Butcher later emigrated to the U.S., where in 1871 he became successfully selling their sausages wrapped in bread slices. This simple meal disperse at the speed of a shooting star: a year managed to sell about four thousands of these sandwiches. So sausage in a bun gained national love Americans, and in 1901 the famous illustrator Dargan found that some sellers instead of the usual slices of bread rolls began to be used, which invested in the sausage. The artist decided to depict what is on paper, but as he was not quite sure of the correct spelling of the German word «Dachshund», he associative called it «hot dog. »

Along with this official version of the origin of the product, there are other stories. No less significantly version looks that tradition laid meat between slices of bread dates back to ancient times — in fact sausage was mentioned in Homer «Odyssey. »

Today hotdog loved worldwide. In 1987, in Frankfurt celebrated the 50th anniversary of this dish and the Americans annually July 18 unofficially celebrate Day hotdog. In 1994, they even created an unusual organization — the National Council of hotdog and sausages, which aims to study the quality of this product, its wine and advertising campaign.

By the time we invented a lot of varieties of this «fast» food. So, for the «French» hotdog bun crispy used gated in the middle of which» next door» with sausage are just sauces. »Danish» hotdog bun seems an open type, «stuffed», in addition to meat and sauces, and even vegetables. But the most hearty considered hotdog » Roulette » : for it uses thin tortillas , which are usually filled with chicken sausage , hot mashed potatoes , pickles , crispy onions , roasted wheat flour and a variety of sauces such as » salsa» , mustard or mayonnaise.

Composition and useful properties of a hotdog

All nutritionists strongly recommend to avoid eating hot dogs and other «fast» food — these products instead of mineral nutrients and contain in excess of various food «chemistry .»

Hot dog

Harm Hotdog

Not long ago, doctors did the Washington Committee resonant statement. According to the degree of harm to health professionals equate eating hotdogs to smoking. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle in the United States there were even billboards, on which was depicted a pack of cigarettes stuffed with hot dogs. The fact is that due to excessive salt and fat use different varieties of this fast food is fraught for the cardiovascular system. Scientists also claim that eating processed meats ’50 per day (and this is one of the sausage hotdog), more than 20% increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Therefore, doctors even advised to sell this and other types of «fast» food, like cigarettes, with special labels, warning of damage to their own health.

Washington experts echoed their colleagues in New York. Scientists have studied the local psychiatric institution that «fast food «, including hot dogs, represents a considerable danger to the human nervous system. This food, rich in sugar, harmful fats and edible disintegrates, flavorings and colorings, leads to the destruction of nerve tissue, damage to brain structure and launch inflammatory processes. Those who control without eating «fast food «, doctors also recorded a surplus of water in areas of the brain such as the amygdala, and the reduction of the brain, i.e. reducing the orbitofrontal cortex.