Baked ham. The description, preparation, composition, useful properties

Baked ham. The description, preparation, composition, useful properties

Among all pork meat products won the title of the most universal product. It can be served as a hearty snack and a cold, and as a separate dish — hot, and it can serve as a filling for sandwiches and salads to be part of

Description pork

Baked ham — this is quite common in Ukrainian, Russian and Moldavian cuisine dish, which is a pork (sometimes lamb or bear meat), baked a large piece, usually boneless.

This dish was more popular in Russia: it is mentioned in the pages of «patriarchal despotism «, the text of which was finally formed only to the XVI century. However, pork relished not only the Slavic peoples. Analogs of the dishes there are in Quebec and Austrian cuisines. Baked meat cook a large piece and the British: their legendary roast beef made from beef. Something like eating: they prefer pork with skin, which make special square cuts, so while cooking meat revealed like bud.

To prepare the pork often take pork, namely, the back, neck of pork ham or cheese, at least — the cue ball with bone (it can get somewhat dry). Meat should be streaked with fat and if it is with the bone, it is desirable to gently remove. Lovers to cook this dish of veal or beef impose Recommend this piece of meat into thin slices of bacon, and cuts in it to make deeper, so that they fit small pieces of bacon and garlic. In addition, to preserve its beef meat juice, will not be superfluous to fry on all sides. It is important to remember that the cooking time is less than veal and beef than pork.

Some gourmets prefer boiled pork or lamb Bear. These types of meat in the marinade always need — to get rid of their peculiar smell and soft texture acquisition. Mutton is typically held in yogurt and stuffed with basil, pine nuts and feta cheese, and bear meat are kept in acidic water and baked with juniper, it served with red wine. Another alternative embodiment of this dish — pork chicken or turkey. It is important not to overdo the bird in the oven; otherwise the taste of the dish will be spoiled.

Selected piece of meat rubbed with salt, garlic and spice mixture (black, white and red pepper, nutmeg, bay leaf, rosemary, oregano and thyme). Rub meat seasonings needed so that there is not enough empty space, and that it has acquired a smoky color.

As a marinade for pork may be amiss mayonnaise, vegetable oil, mustard or honey. Any of marinades can be used directly before baking. Get decent meat, marinated beforehand about 8-10 hours in brine and spices or tomato juice with salt. After this time, a piece of meat should be inverted several times and Stir hands like dough — this is necessary in order to meet evenly saline.

Pork cooking time depends on the temperature factor and weight of meat pieces. Usually it is baked at the rate of 1 hour per 1 kg of meat, although it can be prepared in many ways: 60-120 min. at 220 ° C or 4-5 hours at a temperature of 150-180 ° C. Bake meat can in foil or enameled cast-iron pot, on a baking sheet in a special sleeve and even in the test. Incidentally, it is desirable to prepare baked ham for a couple of days before the holiday table — during which time the meat juices have time to spread evenly on a large piece .

Composition and useful properties of pork

Pork, cooked pork, contains a lot of zinc and magnesium, positive effect on potency, and lysine, which is essential for bone formation. Pork is also rich in vitamin B12, selenium, and arachidonic acid, so it is recommended to those who are prone to melancholy, and whose body has a problem with the development of important hormones.

No less useful is pork beef or veal. These meats saturated whole complex vitamins (A, PP, C, E, B group) and minerals (copper, iron, potassium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus and calcium). Beef is considered an excellent supplier of complete proteins in the human diet, and beef promotes better digestion, so it is recommended to the elderly and children, as well as patients with hypertension and diabetes. Nutritious pork will also be useful for recovering from injury, infectious disease or burns.


Eat baked ham of pork, which is famous for high cholesterol and lipids, it is undesirable for people with excessive body weight and complaints on the cardiovascular system.

It is important to remember that beef contains purine bases exchange process which may lead to the formation of uric acid in the body, which in turn contributes to the development of osteoarthritis, gout and other diseases.