Fried salmon recipe


Fried salmon recipe

Salmon fry is possible with a small amount of fat or immersed in oil. To evenly roasted salmon, fish fillets, or big fish is cut into pieces no thicker than 3 cm, as a thick piece of the upper layer can overcook before he will be ready to fly. Skinning fat salmon before frying should not be. Some varieties of delicious fried fish in the skin. Fry the fish in vegetable oil, margarine and butter.

Peeled, washed and cut the fish for 15-20 minutes before roasting soak in milk, mixed with salt and pepper (1/4 cup milk, 1/2 teaspoon of salt) and roll in flour or breadcrumbs.

When frying in fat it is poured into a shallow pan or a frying pan in an amount such that the salmon was immersed in the oil in half. Lowering salmon hot fat fried it first with one and then the other. After frying oil should drain and pour into a clean container with a lid.

The best way to roast salmon on iron pan, which warms up evenly. The pan very hot, put the oil, and then the fish. Salmon fry need until golden brown — first one way, then another. If the fish is not ready, the frying pan, covered with lid, put in the oven for 5-7 minutes, or on low heat.