Eggplant caviar recipe

Eggplant caviar recipe — useful tips experienced cooks

To eggplant does not taste bitter, they must be diced and salted, leave about half an hour to highlight the fluid to be drained. You should know that seeds are a source of bitter eggplant. Therefore young eggplants, which have no seeds, no taste bitter, they can be prepared immediately.

Eggplant caviar recipe. All the ingredients for eggplant caviar must be local and seasonal (only in this case they will have so rich aroma that will help create a truly tasty dish).

Eggplant caviar recipe. During the preparation of food for cooking eggplant caviar should not finely chop the eggplant that their taste is not lost in the finished calf and have taken her unique taste.

This caviar can even cook with a little oil, as all the vegetables give their juice, which is enough to extinguish them. It is appreciated by those for whom the important question of caloric intake. Obviously, out of steamed vegetables is more «light» caviar. Instead of vegetables, fried in plenty of oil is a product with a more intense flavor and smell.

Eggplant caviar recipe. Experienced cooks say that if Eggplant Caviar fry on the grill or smoke them directly on the gas burner on, Eggplant acquires a completely unique taste and aroma.