Weight loss diet plan


Weight loss diet plan

Again, this age-old question of losing weight … We so often and write a lot about it, so try to follow the rules of various diets and exhausting exercise itself, it would seem that this problem has to be solved for a long time. So why lose weight to drop the extra weight does not work?

According to the author weight loss diet plan, the whole point of our disorganization. And that is why she decided to tell how to plan weight loss and why it is so important.

Weight loss diet plan from fitness trainer:

How often I hear the words: «Here sat on a diet, and it did not help me …» or «I do, do, the extra pounds go away, but as soon as I throw, cluttered with fat again ….» Or here’s another — certainly familiar situation when barely get into your favorite things, the first thought that occurs in every woman — should lose weight … Men, by the way, is no exception.

And why do these hateful kilos so hard to banish?

Come to banish-even just to stay in one weight is too hard … Why people can`t lose weight? Or maybe they just do not know how to do it?

Many of those who have tried to lose weight, often not able to finish the job. But having a clear plan of weight loss and its implementation step by step, you will realize that dumping weight — regular and not a routine task.

As a weight loss diet plan?

First you need to define the purpose and whether you need to lose weight at all. This can be seen simply: strip to goals and to stand before the mirror … And even better to use a special formula of determining the optimal weight: height in cm — 100 = approximate indication of what should be your weight.

The best thing is to determine % fat in the body, do yourself reliably you do not get this -for better to turn to the fitness center, where the practice of such a service.

Example planning slimming (Weight loss diet plan)

Imagine girl weighing 80 kg with height 168 cm. This means that it has about 12 kg of excess weight. Before you plan your weight loss, she should go to the baseline medical examination to a doctor and be tested for parasites, be sure to visit the gynecologist. Excess weight, which affects women, may have a number of gynecological problems and hormonal changes.

Let us assume that our girl is healthy and she should just lose 12 kg. To reset them safe for a method, it is necessary to save ideally 1.5-2 kg per week (up to 500 g daily). In such a calculation of weight loss is fat burned, and does not leave the water and muscle, and it is reset to 12 kg for 8 weeks. That’s just we have defined the purpose and time — 12 kg in two months.

To obtain such a result it would require a change habitual actions: adjusting power and an increase in physical activity. Therefore, we plan each meal plus movement and sign it in the plate. In order for this plan to work, it is necessary to monitor its implementation and to celebrate what has been done, there is no! We carry out control activities — weighing, for example, every Wednesday morning. If that were weighed every day, but it will control on Wednesday!

Adjust the power (Weight loss diet plan)

To adjust the power, I propose a diet Kim Protasov. Why her? This diet is based on the skills of proper nutrition, and allows a person to change their eating habits and create a healthy and correct diet. The fiber content in vegetables, which offers the author, will operate efficiently on metabolic processes, that is, they will not be reduced, which can occur by simply reducing caloric intake

Just thermally unprocessed food that is offered by the author, will carry up the body all the nutrients it needs, and the protein, which is present in cottage cheese, cheese, eggs and dairy products, will not lose weight protein, and fat to burn it. It is also convenient that there are no restrictions on time, as many people are used to eating and at night, and for many, the radical change in the amount of food they can not stand, and here — eat all you want. With proper nutrition, you can adjust the operation of the desired way for you, do no harm in this body. But this diet there are contraindications — peptic ulcer and gastritis.

In addition to the recommendations of the author, I advise you to leave in the diet of berries that ripen at the time, when you are dieting. They can be added to dairy products, but not pounds. But if there is no food that can be eaten on the diet, it does not mean you have to starve yourself. It is necessary to eat!

In addition to adjusting the power and we adjust fluid intake. In our case it is 1.5-2 liters of clean water a day.

Physical activity during weight loss diet plan

You do not have to add our motor activity and just sit on a diet, but the trouble is all that fat is gone, and the skin hangs. If you want it — please.

In our case, I will offer Pilates 2-3 times a week and active walks in the evening. At the weekend — a disco. Pilates I have chosen, because there are a lot of exercises to twist that will act favorably on the body in general and the lifting of problematic parts of the body (press and thighs).

We plan the day and week

Be sure to write down everything in a food diary — as you like.

1 Week. The task — to lose weight 1.5-2 kg

On the first day of the main task to plan your next day — diet for a day plus motor activity. Next to be prepared diet for another day. It is very useful to you while hiking to the grocery store — will not have anything to invent and improvise. Just look at the list, and you will know what to buy and how much. You can plan a few days ahead, but it’s more complicated. We make the food menu, clearly follow the planned ration.

Weight loss diet plan. Example plan for nutrition and movement for the day:


  • 1 egg
  • medium tomatoes
  • tea without sugar


  • Apple
  • shredded carrots
  • In between meals you can eat any vegetable


  • vegetable salad with feta cheese
  • Yogurt


  • Salad «whisk» (cabbage, beets, carrots)
  • cottage cheese, apple
  • yogurt or fermented baked milk

Motor activity

  • Walk in the Park
  • Charging
  • walk to the 5th floor

At the end of the day write adjustments that ate, ate something not on the list and so on …

Also, we keep a record of drunk liquid and immediately write «1 liter of water is about» (tea at the same time do not count because it’s food!)

Make a daily record of weight loss results. For Example:

  • Waist — 86 cm
  • Hips — 110 cm
  • Weight — 79.8 kg

Psychological state — funny (so good, nibble cucumber)

Every day we do like the first record, indicating success — we planned what happened perform

With food intolerance, or if you realize that this diet does not suit you, so you can`t eat raw vegetables (feel discomfort or heaviness in the stomach), it is best to review the diet and choose the one that will be easier for you and transported without damage to the body.

Weight loss diet plan