Sugar free diet plan


Sugar free diet plan

Sugar free diet plan will help to effectively adjust the weight. Sugar is an essential ingredient in favorite desserts, pastries, cheese dishes and so on. And yet it is added to cereal, sweet soups, preserves, jams and dairy products. But the benefits of this product is minimal, and therefore it is necessary to give up its use, especially if you want to successfully lose weight.

The purified white sugar contains in its composition of vitamins and other nutrients. He is the only source of quick carbs can quickly raise blood sugar.

Despite the fact that the ordinary refined sugar provides instant nourishing effect for the brain, experienced specialists advised to severely restrict its use.

On the day of sugar free diet plan recommended to use sugar no more than three teaspoons, and sweet foods or drinks you can eat only in the morning). Cup of tea or a small sweet biscuit is enough. After all, there are plenty of other options to fill the need for sweet.

Sugar free diet plan for two weeks removes sugar from your diet. To this we must be willing to not diet during testing of mental and emotional discomfort. So a week before the diet should be gradually reduce the amount of consumption of sugar and food, which was used in the preparation of sugar. In this article we will acquaint you with the diet, sugar sources which are fruits, dried fruits and honey.

Sugar free diet plan (menu)

Within two weeks of the diet compliance, you need to eat healthy food, which is made from high-quality health food. A similar approach has been practicing the South Beach Diet and the president’s diet.

Breakfast (sugar free diet plan) can be buckwheat, barley, oats, millet, barley, rice porridge, which is made on skim milk. In order to improve the taste, you can add chopped dried fruit or fresh berries. Instead of porridge for breakfast, you can have a cheese casserole with a variety of fruit and berry supplements, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and herbs. As a drink can be consumed rather weak coffee, infusion of rose hips, tea, vegetable or fruit juice, hibiscus. But everything should be sugar-free.

At lunch (sugar free diet plan) diet without sugar permits eat a vegetarian dish, and the second boiled fish or beef / chicken with a side dish that does not contain starch and sugar. You can eat vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and beans twice a week. Serving size dinner should not exceed 450 grams.

In the evening (sugar free diet plan) you can eat a salad of carrots, apples, dried fruit or enjoy a 400 milliliter low-fat fermented milk products, vegetable or a portion of cabbage can be a small portion of unsweetened fruits and berries.

On the day you can afford two snacks before and after dining meal, a similar approach is practicing a diet after birth. For a snack fit one of the following methods: — prune plum / dried apricots, a handful of raisins, fresh five or three dried figs, a teaspoon of honey with tea, a handful of nuts. Once every three days you can eat a banana or fifty grams of grapes, fruit (not more than 150 grams) of grapefruit, plums, peaches, apples, kiwi, pears, oranges, apricots and others.

Sugar free diet plan